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1. Front Cover
10. The Bell Buoy: British Submarine and Destroyer entering Harbour
11. Blood and Iron : an Air Raid in the North. Destroyers engaging a Zeppelin at the mouth of the Tyne
12. An Incipient Minefield
13. &34;Shipping it Green&34; : Super-Dreadnought driving into a Heavy Sea
14. Fighting the Last Gun : Gallant End of H.M.S. Tipperary at Jutland
15. Wings of the Fleet : Cruiser and Seaplanes on Patrol
16. St. George and the Dragon : Zeppelin L15 in the Thames
17. Destroyers making a Smoke Screen
18. H.M.S. Broke ramming German Destroyer
19. Monitors bombarding Belgian Coast behind a Smoke Screen put up by Motor Launches
2. Title Page
20. Destroyer Actions off Dunkirk
21. Motor Launches rescuing Crews of the Blockships at Zeebrugge
22. H.M.S. Vindictive: April 25th, 1918
23. Sunrise : Motor Launch off Gallipoli, Italy
24. H.M.S. Queen, Trawlers and Drifters : Taranto
25. Monitor M31 bombarding Gaza at Dawn
26. Seaplane flying over Damascus
27. Retaliation : Merchant Ship engaging a U-boat
28. A Night Escort : Destroyers conveying a Troopship to France
29. Paradise Regained : H.M.S. Mantis on the Tigris
3. A Night Impression of the Navy House, Baghdad : February 1919
30. The Navy in Baghdad
31. &34;America has declared War&34;
32. The Atlantic Ferry : American Cruisers on Convoy Duty
33. U-Boat Avenue, Harwich : Evening
34. With Drawn Fangs : Surrendered U-boats by Moonlight
35. Back Cover
4. The Terror by Night : Minelayer Princess Margaret starting on a Night Job
5. H.M. Transports Ekma and Elephanta at Suez
6. Our Fathers have told us : Milestones in Naval History
7. An Epic of the Sea
8. A Bit of Yarmouth in the East : View from Quay at Navy House, Port Said
9. Eight Bells, Midnight : Interior of a British Submarine

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black




University of Toronto

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-08

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