One of the great Australian color plate books, 'perhaps the finest work of urban topography produced in Australia in the nineteenth century' (Wantrup). Comprises a fine illustrated record of colonial Melbourne during the boom of the gold rush. Charles Troedel was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1835, and a resident of Melbourne from 1860. This album comprises an elegant series of over twenty lithographic views of Melbourne and surrounding districts.

Originally issued in twelve monthly parts, the first advertisement for subscribers was placed in the Argus on 25 July 1863 and the last issue finished in November 1864 (Butler). No set in the original wrappers is known to still exist. Each part contained two lithographs, and later in 1864 a bound version was published with all twenty-four lithographs. At the end of that year or early in 1865, a shortened version of twelve images was issued, as offered here. The composition of the plates in the shortened version varies per copy; some issues have variant imprints.

24 hand-colored lithographed plates tinted or printed in colors. The lithographs were prepared by noted lithographers Cogne and Gilks, amongst others, after original paintings by Nicholas Chevalier, Eugene von Guerard, Henry Gritten and others. Two plates are after original photographs by Nettleton and Morris, and two plates depict Aboriginal subjects.

Respectfully dedicated to, and patronized by His Excellency Sir Charles Darling, K.C.B.. by the lithographer and publisher, Charles Troedel. 73, Collins St. E. Melbourne.

Oblong folio (412 x 535 mm). Plates loose in original publisher's portfolio, upper cover lettered in gilt.


Ferguson, 17323-17326, Wantrup 262c; Butler, Roger, Printed images in Colonial Australia 1801 – 1901, pp. 167 – 172 (illustrated); Bobins 1127.

Publisher: Melbourne: Troedel, Album Office, 73 Collins Street East,





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-31

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