The martial achievements of Great Britain and her allies : from 1799 to 1815


Date: 1815



First edition. Engraved title page and engraved half-title page. Dedicated to the Duke of Wellington with his coat-of-arms in full color on the dedication page.

Many plates have guard sheets; each plate a colored engraving depicting a military scene.

Last three pages list the names of British officers killed, wounded, and missing for June 16-18, 1815.

Boston Public Library (Rare Books Department) copy: ex libris (bookplate) James Taylor Dunn; bound in 3/4 red leather; gilt lettering on spine.

1. Book Display (I)
10. Death of Sir Ralph Abercromby, March 21, 1801
11. Battle of Maida - July 4th 1806
12. Storming of Monte Video - Feb 3rd 1807
13. Battle of Roleia - Aug 17th 1808
14. Battle of Vimiera - Aug 21st 1808
15. Battle of Corunna, Jan 17th 1809
16. Death of Sir John Moore, Jan 17, 1809
17. Battle of Grigo - May 11th 1809
18. Battle of Salamonda - May 16th 1809
19. Battle of Talavera, July 28th 1809
2. Book Display (II)
20. Battle of Busaco - Sept 27th 1810
21. Battle of Barrosa, March 5th 1811
22. Battle of Pombal - March 12th 1811
23. Defeat of a French Division before Badajos - March 25th 1811
24. Battle of Fuentes d'Onoro - May 5th 1811
25. Battle of Albuera - May 16th 1811
26. Marshall Beresford disarming a Polish Lancer, at the Battle of Albuera - May 16th 1811
27. Siege of Badajoz, June 1811
28. Storming of Cuidad Rodrigo, Jan 19th 1813
29. Gen Sir Thomas Picton Storming the Moorish Castle of Badajos. March 31st 1812
3. Front Page
30. Battle of Salamanca, July 22nd 1812
31. Battle of Seville - Aug 27th 1812
32. Burning of Moscow, Sept 1812
33. Flight of Bonaparte from the Battle of Krasnoi
34. Bonaparte's Flight in Disguise from Russia, 1811
35. Battle of Castalla, April 13th 1813
36. Entrance of Lord Wellington into Salamanca; at the Head of a Regiment of Hussars - May 20th 1813
37. Battle of Morales - June 2nd 1813
38. Battle of Vittoria, June 21, 1813
39. Battle of Vittoria, Bringing in the Prisoners
4. Title Page
40. Siege of St. Sebastian - July, 1813
41. Battle of the Pyrenees, July 28th 1813
42. Storming of St. Sebastian, Aug 31st 1813
43. Death of Moreau, before Dresden, Aug 1813
44. Battle of Bidassoa - Oct 9th 1813
45. Battle of Leipsic, Oct 19th 1813
46. Meeting of the Emperors of Russia & Austria, King of Prussia, & Crown Prince of Sweden, in the Great Square of Leipsic, Oct 18th 1813
47. Blowing Up of the Bridge at Elster
48. Battle of Nivelle - Nov 10th 1813
49. Battle of St. Jean de Luz - Dec 10th 1813
5. Frontispiece
50. Attack on the Road to Bayonne - Dec 13th 1813
51. Battle of Orthes, Feb 27th 1814
52. Entrance of the Allies into Paris - March 31st 1814
53. Battle of Toulouse - April 10th 1814
54. The Sortie from Bayonne, at 3 in the Morning, on the 14th April 1814
55. Battle of Quarter Bras - June 16th 1815
56. The Centre of the British Army in Action at the Battle of Waterloo, June 18th 1815
57. The Left wing of the British Army in Action at the Battle of Waterloo - June 18th 1815
58. Back Cover
6. Martial Achievements' Coat of Arms
7. Storming of Seringapatam - May 4th 1799
8. Defence of the Breach at St. Jean d'Acre, May 8th 1799
9. Landing of the British Troops in Egypt, March 8, 1801

Publisher: London : Printed for J.S. Jenkins, no. 48, Strand. By L. Harrison & J.C. Leigh. 373 Strand.




Boston Public Library

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-01-22

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