The lake of the sky, Lake Tahoe, in the high Sierras of California and Nevada; its history, Indians, discovery by Fremont, legendary lore, various namings, physical characteristics, glacial phenomena, geology, single outlet, automobile routes, historic towns, early mining excitements, steamer ride, mineral springs, mountain and lake resorts, trail and camping out trips, summer residences, fishing, hunting, flowers, birds, animals, trees and chapparal [l] with a full account of the Tahoe national forest, the public use of the water of lake Tahoe and much other interesting matter. By George Wharton James...


Date: 1915



xiii, [3], 395 p. front., plates (1 fold) fold map. 21 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. A Washoe indian Campoodie, Near Lakeside Park, Lake Tahoe
100. Launch towing boats out to the fishing grounds, Lake Tahoe
101. An Early Morning Catch, Tahoe Trout, Lake Tahoe
102. A gnarled monarch of the High Sierras, an aged Juniper, near Lake Tahoe
103. Mountain Heather, in Desolation Valley, near Lake Tahoe
104. The Successful Deer Hunter at Lake Tahoe
105. Chris Nelson, With His Catch, a 23 lb. Tahoe Trout
106. Professor Fergusson at the Fergusson Meteorograph at Mt. Rose Observatory. 10,090 Feet
107. An Alpine White Pine, defying the storms, on the north slope of Mt. Rose, 9,500 Ft.
108. Tallac, Lake Tahoe
109. Looking North from Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe
11. Washoe indians at Lake Tahoe
110. The Fergusson Metrograph on the summit of Mt. Rose, wrecked by snow...
111. Refuge Hut and Headquarters for Snow Studies on Mt. Rose, 9000 Feet
112. Skiing from Tallac to Fallen Leaf Lodge
113. Snow Surveyor on the Mountains above Glen Alpine in Winter
114. Outlet of Lake Tahoe, Truckee River
115. Flock of Sheep being driven from the Tahoe National Forest
116. Island Park, Lake Tahoe
12. The 'Signal Code' Design second photo
13. Dat-so-la-le, the artistic Washoe basket maker
14. One of Dat-so-la-le's masterpieces, 'Our Hunters' design
15. Our Ancestral Hunters' design
16. Washoe baskets made by Dat-so-la-le, 'Happy Homes' design
17. Susie, the Washoe indian basket maker, and narrator of indian legends
18. Jackson, the Washoe indian, telling traditions of his people about Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake
19. Lake Tahoe near Tahoe Tavern, looking south
2. Title Page
20. Lily Lake
21. Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe
22. Pyramid Peak and Lake of the Woods
23. Clouds Over the Mountain, Lake Tahoe
24. Gilmore Lake, Pyramid Peak and the Crystal Range, in winter, from summit of Mount Tallac
25. Desolation Valley, Looking Toward Mosquito Pass
26. Heather Lake, near Glen Alpine
27. Susie Lake, near Glen Alpine Springs
28. Pyramid Peak and Lake of the Woods, near Lake Tahoe, Calif.
29. Snow Bank, Desolation Valley, near Lake Tahoe
3. Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe the Lake of the Sky
30. Grass Lake, near Glen Alpine Springs
31. Tamarack and Echo Lakes
32. Cascade Lake, Near the Automobile Bouldvard, Lake Tahoe
33. Memorial Cross at Donner Lake
34. The Steamer at the Wharf, Tahoe Tavern, Lake Tahoe
35. Donner Lake, on the Automobile Highway from Sacramento to Truckee and Lake Tahoe
36. The Canyon of the Truckee River in Winter
37. Automobiling along the Picturesque Truckee River, on the way to Lake Tahoe
38. Truckee, Calif., Where Travelers Take Trains for Lake Tahoe
39. Crossing the Truckee River Near Deer Park Station
4. Bob Watson, Tahoe guide, at home, with his dog Skookum John
40. Placerville, El Dorado Co., California
41. Vineyard on the Automotive Highway between Placerville and Lake Tahoe
42. Automobiling along the Truckee River
43. On the Automobile Boulevard Around Lake Tahoe
44. Atlantic to Pacific Automobile Party, Premier Tour, 1911, Stopping at Tahoe Tavern
45. Copyright 1910, by Harold A. Parker. Cascade Lake and Mt. Tallac
46. Casino at Tahoe Tavern, From Pier
47. Pier, Steamer Tahoe, and Lake Tahoe from Casino
48. Ballroom in the Casino, Tahoe Tavern
49. Tahoe Tavern from Lake Tahoe
5. Panorama from South End Fallen Leaf Lake
50. Path in the Woods by Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Tavern
51. Morning Service at the Chapel of the Transfiguration, Tahoe Tavern
52. Ladies' Lounging Room, the Casino, Tahoe Tavern
53. The Front of Tahoe Tavern from a Table in the Dining-Room
54. The Launch Catalini, Lake Tahoe
55. Bathing in Lake Tahoe, Near Tahoe Tavern
56. Pleasure Party on the 'Wild Goose', Lake Tahoe
57. Looking Toward the Casino, Tahoe Tavern, Lake Tahoe
58. A Trail Party About to Leave Tahoe Tavern
59. On the Trail Returning from the Summit of Mt. Tallac
6. Tahoe Tavern, Lake Tahoe, Calif.
60. Angora Lake, near Lake Tahoe, Calif.
61. Glenbrook on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe
62. The Steamer Tahoe, at the Wharf, just before starting around the Lake
63. Lake Tahoe from Tahoe Tavern
64. Steamer Tahoe Rounding Rubicon Point, Lake Tahoe
65. McKinney's and Moana Villa, With Rubicon Peaks in the Distance, Lake Tahoe
66. Steamer Landing, McKinney's, Lake Tahoe
67. Snowballing in June, July and August, near the Summit of "The Crags," Deer Park Springs, Lake Tahoe
68. Fishing in Grass Lake, Near Glen Alpine Springs
69. Rubicon Point, Lake Tahoe
7. Steamer Tahoe off Cave Rock, Nevada Side, Lake Tahoe
70. Brockway's Hot Springs Hotel, Lake Tahoe
71. Angora Lakes, Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe
72. White Cloud Falls, Cascade Lake
73. Upper Eagle Falls, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
74. The marble tablet on one of Maggie's Peaks, bearing the inscription: "FLEETWOOD PEAK, ASCENDED BY MISS MARY McCONNELL, SEPT. 12, 1869."
75. The island in Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
76. Whispering Pines', Al Tahoe, on Lake Tahoe
77. E. S. Brown Cottage, Al Tahoe, on Lake Tahoe
78. Mount Tallac, Rubicon Peaks, etc., from Long Wharf at Al Tahoe, Lake Tahoe
79. Al Tahoe Inn and Cottages, on Lake Tahoe
8. Mt. Tallac in storm. Lake Tahoe, Cal.
80. Murphey Cottage, Al Tahoe, on Lake Tahoe
81. Porterfield Cottage, Al Tahoe, on Lake Tahoe
82. Cluster of Tents, Glen Alpine Springs
83. Glen Alpine Falls, Near Glen Alpine Springs
84. In the 'Good Old Days'. Glen Alpine Stage approaching Office at Glen Alpine Springs
85. Glen Alpine Falls
86. Glimpse of Grass Lake, looking across and up Glen Alpine Canyon
87. The Triumphant Angler, Lake Tahoe
88. Boating on Fallen Leaf Lake
89. Fallen Leaf Lodge Among the Pines, on Fallen Leaf Lake
9. The picturesque Truckee River, near Lake Tahoe
90. Camp Agassiz Boys Setting out for a Trip, Lake Tahoe, Cal. Copyright 1910, by Harold A. Parker.
91. Tahoe Meadows, With Mt. Tallac in the Distance
92. Picturesque Palo Alto Lodge, at Lakeside Park, Lake Tahoe
93. The Long Wharf at Lakeside Park, Lake Tahoe
94. Automobile Road Around Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe
95. Glennbrook Inn, on Nevada side Lake Tahoe
96. Sunset at Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe by Harold A. Parker
97. Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
98. Cottage overlooking Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
99. Proposed Family Club House, Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe

Publisher: Pasadena, Calif., G. W. James





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-28

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