The Kafirs illustrated in a series of drawings taken among the Amazulu, Amaponda, and Amakosa tribes : also, portraits of the ... other races inhabiting southern Africa


Date: 1849



An outstanding work, particularly for its portraits of the Zulus. Includes views of cape Town, Hottentot Holland, Somerset West and Durban. With a taste for travel and draughtsmanship, Angas perfected his art in 1842, studying anatomical drawings in London, and also learned the art of lithography.

He spent two years in South Africa and published the result of his work in 1849 in this imperial folio work. Much of his other work was undertaken in Australia and New Zealand. (SPL Bobins)

Folio, uncolored lithographed portrait frontispiece of author on India proof paper, subscribers list, 30 hand colored lithographed plates after Angas, drawn on stone. Also 11 engravings on wood.

The dates 1847 and 1848 appear on some of the plates


Abbey Travel I 339; Colas 134; Gay 3157; Mendelssohn I, p.45; Tooley 60; Bobins 71.

1. Front Cover
10. Hottentot Holland with Sir Lowry's Oass and the Village of Somerset West
11. The Paarl
12. Karl Julius, a Hottentot Herd Boy
13. Christian Matthei, a Half-Caste Hottentot
14. Leveregt Aris, an old Hottentot
15. An old Hottentot Woman, with half caste great-grandchildren
16. Genadendal, a Moravian Missionary Settlement on South Africa
17. Bavarian's Kloof. "The Glen of Baboons", near Genadendal.
18. Umpanda, the King of the Amazulu
19. Panda reviewing his soldiers at Nonduengu
2. Title Page
20. Utimuni, Nephew of Chaka the late Zulu King
21. Mathlapi's Hunting Dance in the Zulu Country
22. Umbambu and Umpengulu, Young Zulus in their dancing costume
23. Zulu Kraal on the Umgani with Cattle and Sheep
24. Dabiyaki and Upapazi, Amazulu Boys in Dancing Dress
25. Mouth of the Umvoti River on Indian Ocean, Natal
26. Nc'pae, a young Zulu in his dancing dress
27. Two of King Panda's Dancing Girls
28. Zulu Soldiers of King Pandas Army
29. Scene in a Zulu Kraal with Huts and Screens
3. Portrait of the Author [George French Angas]
30. Evening Scene on the Umnonoti River
31. Zulu Blacksmiths at work
32. Charley, a Half Caste Kafir Boy at Natal
33. Inanda Kraal, Natal
34. Zulu Women making Beer at Gudu's Kraal on the Tugala River
35. Kafir Kraal near the Umlazi River, Natal
36. d'Uurban, Port Natal, from the Berea
37. The new Antilope from St Lucia Bay
38. New and Remarkable Species of Lepidoptera from Natal and the Zulu Country
39. Back Cover
4. Cape Town from the Camps Bay Road
5. Hadji Hassan Nudin Ibanu Abdallah or Karel (A Malay Priest at Prayers)
6. Nazea, a Malay Woman
7. Wynberg
8. Makay Creole Boy
9. Malay Boy of Cape Town

Publisher: London : Published by J. Hogarth, 5 Haymarket



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