[Volume 2] The Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century. A series of illustrations of the choicest specimens produced by every nation, at the Great Exhibition of Works of Industry, 1851


Date: 1851



Added t.-p. in colors; v. 2 has colored t.-p. only

1. Illustrated Title Page
10. Stained Glass by Wailes, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Chance, Birmingham
11. Figured Silk by Campbell, Harrison, and Lloyd, Spitalfields (For Lewis and Allenby, London)
12. Embroidery, on crimson silk
13. Objects from a Dessert Service presented by her Majesty the Queen to the Emperor of Austria by Minton, Stoke-upon-Trent
14. Cabinet in Oak, with brass panels by Crace, London. Designed by Pugin.
15. Printed Table-covers by H. and T. Wood, London. From Designs by Miss A. Carly
16. Portion of Shawls by Roxburgh and Co. Paisley
17. Statuette in Ivory and Objects in Gold and Silver by Froment-Meurice, Paris
18. Open-work Panel by Bailey and Co., London
19. Paper-Hanging by Townsend and Parker, London
2. Title Page
20. Bookbinding by J. and J. Lieghton, London. Designed by W. Lieghton.
21. Terra-cotta Figure of Galatea and Majolica Garden-Vases by Minton, Stoke-upon-Trent
22. Silversmiths' Work by Gough, Birmingham
23. Stove by Hoole, Robson, & Hoole, Sheffield. Designed by A. Stevens.
24. Paper-Hanging by Mader, Freres, Paris
25. Daggers and Sheaths by Wostenholm & Son, Sheffield. Designed by A. Stevens.
26. Machine-made Lace by Heyman & Alexander, and Birkin, Nottingham
27. Florentine Mosaic by Woodruff, Bakewell | Enamelled Slate by Magnus, Pimlico
28. Decoration of Saddle-cover
29. Shield in Iron by Lepage Moutier, Paris. Designed by Vechte.
3. Table and other objects by Elkington & Mason, Birmingham
30. Stove, in the Mediaeval Style by Hardman, Birmingham. Designed by Pugin.
31. Vase and Dish by Morel ; for Webb, London
32. Carpet, in the Mediaeval Style by Crace, London. Designed by Pugin.
33. Book-cover in carved Ivory, presented to her Majesty the Queen by the Emperor of Austria
34. Group of Objects in Glass by Apsley Pellatt, Naylor, & Green, London
35. Jewellery by Rudolphi, Paris
36. Lacquer-work, from Cashmere
37. Chocolate Cup in Silver by Lebrun, Paris
38. Specimens of Stained Glass by Lusson, and Gerente, Paris
39. Pendant Lamp in Porcelain by the Royal Manufactory, Sevres
4. Albanian Costume Embroidery
40. Chintz Pattern by Japuis and Son, Paris
41. Portion of a Shield in Silver by Vechte ; for Hunt & Roskell, Lond.
42. Jade-stones Vases, from China
43. Figured Silk by Mathevon and Buvard, Lyons
44. Block-printed Table-cover by Evans and Co. London
45. Home Stove and Fender by Stuart and Smith, Sheffield
46. Details of Home Stove and Fender by Stuart and Smith, Sheffield
47. Embroidered Bags from Greece
48. Enamelling, from Arms
49. Sideboard and Furniture by Snell, London. Designed by the Baron Marochetti.
5. Flower-stand by Minton, Stoke-upon-Trent. Modelled by the Baron Marochetti.
50. Panel, ornamented with Buhl by Fourdinois, Paris
51. Group of Chinese Enamels
52. Pavement in Encaustic Tiles by Minton, Stoke-upon-Trent
53. Portions of Stoves by Hoole, Robson, & Hoole, Sheffield. Designed by A. Stevens.
54. Cradle, carved in boxwood by Rogers, London, for her Majesty the Queen
55. Decoration of a Box of Water-Colours by Ackermann and Co., London
56. Axminster Carpet by Jackson and Graham, London
57. The Houses leading forth the Horses of the Sun
58. Standard Lamp by Winfield, Birmingham
59. Decoration of Metal-work, from Arms
6. Jewellery in the Mediaeval Style by Hardman, Birmingham. Designed by Pugin.
60. Decoration derived from the Alhambra ; being a portion of the Cabinet of the Queen of Spain at Aranjuez
61. Group of Silversmiths' Work by Froment-Meurice, Paris
62. Shield by Elkington & Mason, Birmingham
63. Pendant Lamp by Matifat, Paris
64. Bullion Embroidery
65. Painted Arabesque by Crace ; with Decoration in Composition, by Jackson & Sons, London
66. Altar and Reredos by Myers, London, and Hardman, Birmingham. Designed by Pugin.
67. Sideboard, carved in Oak by Jackson and Graham, London
68. Specimens of Swiss Embroidery
69. Group of Objects by Morel, London
7. Marquetry Enrichments of a Pianoforte by Broadwood, London
70. Specimen of Lace by Miss Jane Clarke, London
71. Group of Objects in Porcelain by Copeland, London and Stoke-upon-Trent
72. Axminster Carpet by Watson, Bell, and Co., London
73. Enrichments from Manuscripts
74. Group of Furniture by Snell, London
75. Group of Objects by Falloise, Liege
76. Group of Objects, principally enamelled
77. Specimens of Silversmith's Work by Marrel, Freres, Paris
78. Specimens of Honiton Lace by Mrs. Treadwin, Exeter
79. Cabinet in Ebony by Lienard, Paris
8. Embroidery, on black cloth
80. Vase by Hunt and Roskell, London
81. Ivory Throne and Footstool, presented to her Majesty the Queen by his Highness the Rajah of Travancore
82. Bedstead in Zebra-wood by Leistler and Son, Vienna
9. Group of Chinese Bronzes, inlaid with silver wire.

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