[Volume 1] The Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century. A series of illustrations of the choicest specimens produced by every nation, at the Great Exhibition of Works of Industry, 1851


Date: 1851



Added t.-p. in colors; v. 2 has colored t.-p. only

1. Illustrated Title Page
10. Pistols (engraved and inlaid) by Zoloaga, Madrid
11. The Massacre of the Innocents, carved in oak by Geerts, Louvain
12. Specimens of Turkish Embroidery
13. Group of Vases, &c. by Minton, Stoke-upon-Trent
14. Elephant Trapping
15. A Group in Bronze by Vittoz, Paris
16. Vase, “La Gloire” by Royal Manufactory at Sevres
17. Window Ornament, from Tunis
18. Elephant Trapping
19. The Hunter by Gibson, R.A.
2. Title Page
20. Group of Objects in Glass by Bacchus, Birmingham ; Green, and Apsley Pellatt, London
21. Fountain and Ornamental Gates by Coalbrookdale Company
22. Specimens of Russian Embroidery
23. Casette, or Jewel-case, carved in Ivory by Matifat, Paris
24. Silk Brocades by Campbell, Harrison, and Lloyd, and Vanner and Son, Spitalfields. (For Howell, James and Co., London)
25. The Crystal Fountain by F. & C. Osler, London & Birmingham
26. Kincob Pattern, woven at Ahmedabad
27. Victory by Rauch, Berlin
28. Printed Muslins by Depouilly and Co., Paris
29. Vase in Silver by Hunt and Roskell, London
3. The Amazon by Kiss, Berlin
30. Cashmere Scarf-end
31. Cupid and Panther by Rietschel, Dresden
32. Black Lace Flounce by Greasly & Horcroft, Nottingham
33. Vase, “Rimini” by Royal Manufactory at Sevres
34. Lacquer-work
35. Richard Coeur de Lion by The Baron Marochetti
36. Ornamental Gun-stand, from Tunis
37. Centre-piece in Silver by Wagner, Berlin
38. Embroidered Boot-front, Scindian manufacture, from his Highness Meer Ali Moorad
39. The First Step by Magni, Milan
4. Painted Lacquer-work, from Lahore
40. Group of Glass by Count Harrach, Bohemia
41. Fountain in Iron by Andre, Paris
42. Group of Crystal Vases and Jewellery
43. Group of Church Plate by Skidmore, Coventry
44. Paper-Hanging by Hinchliffe & Co., Chelsea
45. Bedstead by Winfield, Birmingham
46. Shawl, from Delhi, the pattern worked on a Cashmere ground
47. Fountain in Terra-cotta by March, Thiergartenfelde, near Charlottenburg, Prussia
48. Group of Plate by Garrard, Loudon
49. Embroidered Book-cover by French, Bolton, Lancashire
5. Dagger and Sheath by Zoloaga, Madrid
50. Scarf-end, embroidered at Dacca, on white muslin
51. The Pleasures of Public Gardens by Drake, Berlin
52. Candelabrum and Arabesque by Trentanove, Rome
53. Group from the Royal Manufactory at Sevres
54. Bookbinding and Inlaying by Batten, Clapham
55. Andromeda by John Bell. Cast in Brone by the Coalbrookdale Co.
56. Chinese Looking-glass in carved Wood Frame
57. Stove in White Porcelain by Hoffman, Berlin
58. Embroidery, in white silk on black net, from Dacca
59. The Hunter fighting with the Panter, Jerichau, Copenhagen
6. Embroidery in Bullion, from Tunis
60. Renaissance Vase and Dish in Parian, Minton, Stoke-upon-Trent
61. Pianofortes by Collard & Collard, London
62. “The Coventry Ribbon.” and Specimens of Ribbons from St. Etienne
63. The First Cradle by De Bay, Paris
64. Group of Flowers, carved in wood by Wallis, Louth, Lincolnshire
65. Decoration of an Apartment by John Thomas, London
66. Portieres of printed Mohair by Lees and Co., London
67. Pilaster in Carton-pierre by Cruchet, Paris
68. Gold Vase, enriched with Jewels and Enamels by Watherston & Brogden, London
69. Luca della Robbia Friezes by Minton, Stoke-upon-Trent
7. The Christ Child (“Christ Engel”) by Rietschel, Dresden
70. Borders from Illuminated Manuscripts
71. Niche and Figure, carved in wood by Knecht, Paris
72. Damask Table-covers by Beveridge, Dunfermline
73. Paper-Hanging by Woollams, London
74. Kincob Pattern, woven at Ahmedabad
75. Portion of a Silver Shield. Presented by his Majesty the King of Prussia to H.R.H. The Princes of Wales, on the occasion of his Baptism
76. Vase in Terra-Cotta Modelled by John Thomas, London, for E. L. Betts, Esq.
77. Bedroom Furniture, in marquetry by Trollope, London
78. Greek Embroidery
79. A Youth at a Stream by Foley, A.R.A. Cast in bronze by Hatfield
8. Group of Vases in Beauvais ware by Mansard, Voisinlieu, near Paris
80. Vase in White China by Jouhanneaud & Dubois, Paris
9. Escrutoire in White Wood by Wettli, Berne

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