[Volumes 1 & 2] The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia


Date: 1855



Inquisitive Western minds first glimpsed the mysteries of Egypt and the Middle East in detail through David Roberts' folio-sized Holy Land, issued in 41 parts from 1842 to 1849 and containing 250 full-page hand-colored lithographs produced from his magnificent, on-site drawings.

Roberts was the first Westerner to be granted permission to enter whichever sacred mosque or monument he desired. His images of these sacred places established what many people even today envision as the aura of Egypt and the Holy Land. "Roberts' Holy Land has a world-wide reputation; nothing of a similar character has ever been produced that can bear a comparison with it" (Ran, 6). Louis Haghe, considered the foremost lithographer of his time, transferred the exquisitely detailed drawings to stone.

Six volumes in three: v. 1. Jerusalem and Galilee -- v. 2. The Jordan and Bethlehem -- v. 3. Idumea and Petra -- v. 4-6. Egypt

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This is the first American edition of 1855-56, containing all 250 lithographic plates contained in the folio edition, including a frontispiece portrait of Roberts, six pictorial title pages, and two engraved maps. The work was originally published 1842, in 2 folio vols., with introduction by Rev. G. Croly. In 1847 combined with "Views in ancient Egypt and Nubia" (1846, introduction by W. Brockedon) and issued under general title "Views in the Holy Land, Syria, Idumea..." Cf. Allibone and Brit. mus. Catalogue

6 v. in 3, 250 leaves of plates : 31 cm

Quarto, contemporary full brown blind-stamped morocco sympathetically re-backed, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt.

Each volume has separate illustrated title page and pagination; plates numbered continuously

A considerable number of plates are printed in two tints; plates 213 and 240 are printed in three. The plates are accompanied by unnumbered leaves of letterpress description, and blank tissue guard-sheets


Abbey Travel 385, 388; Tooley 401.

1. Book Display
10. Entrance to the Tomb of the Kings
11. The Mosque of Omar, on the Ancient Site of the Temple
12. The Tomb of Zechariah, Valley of Jehoshaphat
13. Jerusalem from the South
14. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Exterior View
15. The Pool of Bethesda
16. The Tower of David
17. The Shrine of the Holy Sepulchre
18. Golden Age of the Temple, showing the Ancient Walls
19. Jerusalem - The Church of the Purification
2. Front Cover
20. Upper Fountain of Siloam - Valley of Jehoshaphat
21. Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
22. Stone of Unction - Church of the Holy Sepulchre
23. Chapel of St. Helena - Crypt of the Holy Sepulchre
24. Fountain of Job - Valley of Hinnom
25. Jerusalem from the North
26. Lower Pool of Siloam - Valley of Jehoshaphat
27. The Entrance to the Citadel of Jerusalem
28. Absalom's Pillar - Valley of Jehoshaphat
29. Cavalry - Holy Sepulchre
3. Title Page - Volume 1 (Vignette: Entrance to the Holy Sepulchre)
30. Mount Tabor, from the Plain of Esdraelon
31. Nazareth, General View
32. Fountain of the Virgin, Nazareth
33. Convent of the Terra Santa, Nazareth
34. Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth [I]
35. Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth [II]
36. Fountain of Cana
37. Cana, General View
38. Town of Tiberias, looking towards Lebanon
39. The Sea of Tiberias, looking towards Bashan
4. Portrait of David Roberts
40. Tiberias, from the Walls; Safed in the Distance
41. Tiberias, looking towards Hermon
42. The Tomb of Joseph at Shechem
43. Jacob's Well at Shechem
44. Entrance to Nablous
45. Nablous, Ancient Shechem
46. Ruins of the Church of St. John, Sebaste
47. Sebaste, Ancient Samaria
48. Title Page - Volume 2 (Vignette: Baalbec, from the Fountain)
49. Encampment of the Pilgrims at Jericho
5. The Armorial Engsigns of Jerusalem
50. Descent Upon the Valley of the Jordan
51. The Immersion of the Pilgrims in the Jordan
52. Jericho
53. The Dead Sea, Looking Towards Moab
54. Convent of St. Saba
55. Chapel of St. Saba
56. Wilderness of Engedi, near the Convent of St. Saba
57. Beil Jebrin, or Eleutheropolis
58. Hebron
59. Ruins of Semua
6. The Damascus Gate
60. Askelon
61. Ashdod
62. Gaza
63. Christian Church of St. George at Lud, Ancient Lydda
64. Jaffa, Looking South
65. Jaffa, Looking North
66. Caiphas, looking towards Mount Carmel
67. Ramla, Ancient Arimathea
68. St. Jean d'Acre, from the Land
69. St. Jean d'Acre, from the Sea
7. The Greek Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre
70. Cape Blanco
71. Port of Tyre
72. General View of Tyre
73. Ruins of the Ionic Temple of Om El Hamed, near Tyre
74. Tyre, from the Isthmus
75. Sarepta
76. Sidon, General View
77. Sidon, from the North
78. Sidon, looking towards Lebanon
79. Citadel of Sidon
8. Tomb of St. James
80. Baalbec, General View
81. Jenin, Ancient Jezreel
82. Baalbec, Western Portico
83. Lesser Temple of Baalbec, looking towards Lebanon
84. Doorway, Baalbec
85. The Circular Temple, Baalbec
86. Portion of the Eastern Portico, Baalbec
87. Shrine of the Nativity, Bethlehem
88. Bethlehem
89. Bethany
9. Jerusalem from the Road leading to Bethany
90. Chancel of the Church of St. Helena, Bethlehem
91. Back Cover

Publisher: New York : D. Appleton & Co., 346 & 348 Broadway



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Date Added: 2019-05-14

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