A rare, large format work providing superb depiction of English country house gardens in Victorian times, and giving an insight into the taste of the great estate owners. Many of the gardens were begun in earlier times, but most feature later additions, sometimes in the Italian style, which proved a major attraction for Brooke. It is dedicated to the Duchess of Sutherland, of Trentham Park which is the garden that receives the most attention.

Brooke was an exhibitor at the Royal Academy and British Institution in the period between 1853 and 1864.

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The magnificent gardens depicted include those at Trentham Park (laid out by Capability Brown with additions by Charles Barry in the 1840's), Enville Hall (gardens extended in the mid-nineteenth century and celebrated for its fountains, its floral display, and its domed and turreted oriental palace of a conservatory), Bowood House (originally laid out by Brown but with later Italianate terraces added), Alton Towers ('The work of a morbid imagination joined to the command of unlimited resources' (J.C. Loudon), Elvaston Castle (famous for its splendid arboretum), Shrublands Hall (Italianate terraces by Barry), Woburn Abbey (a Repton masterpiece), Holkham House (William Kent / Capability Brown, with extensive 1850's additions including a parterre with the Earl of Leicester's initials in box, and a pair of flower beds in a Louis XIV pattern accompanying a fountain representing St. George and the dragon), Castle Howard (whose modern additions included a new parterre using yew hedges to frame the lawns and the Triton Fountain taken from the Great Exhibition), and many others.

Folio (540 x 380 mm). Chromolithographed frontispiece and title, lithographed dedication and 24 chromolithographed views of gardens finished by hand. Heightened with gum arabic, lithographed dedication leaf, letterpress text, 16 lithographed vignettes on india paper pasted into text

Copy imperfect: has [24] leaves of plates, excluding t.p.; appears to lack plate titled: "The Parterre, Castle Howard" and instead have two copies of the plate: "The Parterre, Harewood House, Leeds;" also appears to be lacking plate titled: "View from the rustic seat, Shrublands."

Scans of the plates for "View from the rustic seat, Shrublands" and "The Parterre, Castle Howard" have been substituted.


Abbey, Scenery 392; Bobins II 621.

Publisher: London : T. McLean



ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-01-09

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