The European in India / from a collection of drawings by Charles Doyley, Esq. ; engraved by J.H. Clark and C. Dubourg ; with a preface and copious descriptions, by Thomas Williamson ; accompanied with A brief history of ancient and modern India, from the earliest periods of antiquity to the termination of the late Mahratta War, by F.W. Blagdon.


Date: 1813



A light and humorous book, this work gives a glimpse of the various manners of the British in India in the early 19th century. There are 20 plates in this book, and each is accompanied by short and amusing descriptions.

The colored aquatints plates show : a European gentleman with his moonshee, a gentleman dressing, a gentleman with is sircar or money servant, a dancing woman of Bengal; a dancing woman of Lucknow; kaut pootlies or puppets, a native gentleman smoking a hooka, etc. The book ends with a short history of India : from the earliest times, up till the Maratha war.

"A brief history of ancient and modern India," by F.W. Blagdon: p. [61]-149.

First Edition. 4to. 27 by 21 cm.

[6], 149, [9] p., [20] leaves of plates : ill. ; 28 cm.


Brunet, V, col. 1456; Abbey, J.R. Travel, 435; Tooley, R.V. Coloured plates (1979 ed.), 185; Colas, R. Costume, 887.

1. Title Page
10. A Gentleman with his Sircar, or Money-Servant
11. A Gentleman with his Hookah-Burdar, or Pope-Bearer
12. A Saumpareeah, or Snake-Catcher, exhibiting Snakes before Europeans
13. Marquis Wellesley's Dandy, or Boatman, in his Livery
14. An European Lady giving instructions to her Durzee, or Native Tailor
15. A Dancing Woman of Bengal, exhibiting before an European Family
16. A Dancing Woman, of Lueknow, exhibiting before an European Family
17. An European Lady, attended by a Servant using a Hand Punkah, or Fan
18. An European Lady and her Family, attended by an Ayah, or Nurse
19. Kaut-Pootlies, or Puppets, exhibited by Native Jugglers, for the Amusement of European Children
2. Frontispiece. An European Gentleman with his Moonshee, of Native Professor of Languages
20. A Native Gentleman Smoking a Goorgoory, or Hookah, in hi private Apartments, attended by his Dancing Girls.
21. Marquis Wellesley and his Suite, at the Nabob of Oude's Breakfast Table, viewing an Elephant-Fight
3. A Gentleman in his private Office attended by his Duftoree, or Native Office-Keeper
4. A Gentleman, in a Public Office, attended by the Crannies, or Native Clerks
5. A Gentleman Dressing, attended by his Head-Bearer, and other Servants
6. A Gentleman attended by his Hajaum, or Native Barber
7. A Gentleman delivering a Letter to a Soontah-Burdar, or Silver Baton-Bearer
8. A Gentleman's Kedmutgars, or Table Servants, bringing in Dinner
9. An English Family at Table, under a Punkah, or Fan, kept in motion by a Khelassy

Publisher: London : Published and sold by Edward Orme





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