The Durbar


Date: 1903



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1. Front Cover
10. A Street Scene
100. An Elephant of Central India
101. A Slipper-maker
102. A State Elephant in all its Trappings
11. A Distinguished Native Regiment
12. A Retainer from Dhar
13. Scene outside the Railway Station during the Delhi Durbar
14. On Durbar Day
15. A Horse fromm Jodhpur
16. Camelry from Alwar
17. State Entry
18. On the Steps of the Jumma Masjid
19. A Native Bullock-cart from Bikanir
2. Title Page
20. A Retainer from Jind
21. Akalis Fanatical Devotee
22. A Famous Led Horse in the Retinue of the Rao of Cutch
23. Shan Chief at the Durbar
24. An Akalis Fanatical Devotee
25. Lord and Lady Curzon entering Delhi
26. Burmese at the State Elephants Entry
27. A Royal Retainer of Rajgarh
28. A Jaipur Horseman
29. A Pathan Horseman
3. Lord Curzon in his Study at Delhi
30. A Rajput of Rajgarh
31. Veterans of the Mutiny on the Great Day
32. A Mounted Mace-bearer
33. A Beggar
34. A Retainer from Cutch
35. A Swivel-gun Bearer from Rajputana
36. Lord Curzon and the Duchess Connaught on their Way to the Retainers' Show
37. A Typical Group in the Retainers' Procession
38. The Shan Chiefs' Retainers at the Native Review
39. A Standard-bearer
4. A Tailor
40. Emblem-bearers of Cutch
41. The Gold and Silver Cannons of Baroda
42. Native Bards from the Cutch State
43. Bombay Retainers
44. A Famous Dancing Horse - Bombay Chiefs' Camp
45. Quilted Soldiers of Kishengarh
46. Some Native Vehicles
47. A Retainer of the Shan Chiefs
48. In the Retainers' Procession
49. The State Entry : A Distinguished Maharaja
5. Late Afternoon
50. On the Alipur Road
51. Viceroy reviewing the Troops
52. Native Horsemen in the Review of Native Retainers
53. Armed Camel Riders from Bikanir
54. His Highness the Maharaja of Patiala
55. Armoured Horses
56. One of the most picturesque Groups in the Retainers' Procession
57. An Elephant and Retainers from Bikanir
58. A Retainer from Central India
59. A Retainer from Alwar
6. A Blaze of Sun
60. Shan Retainers carrying Brass Gong
61. Shan Chiefs watching the Durbar
62. A Retainer of Rajgarh
63. A Camel Rider from Kota
64. Jaipur Elephants
65. A Performing Horse from the Alwar State
66. An Elephant from the Sandy Wastes of Rajputana
67. A Sikh Spear-bearer
68. A Kashmiri Soldier
69. A Soldier of His Highness Dogra Sowar
7. A Retainer from Rajgarh
70. Bodyguard of His Highness Dogra Sowar Kashmir
71. A Kashmiri Pundat
72. A Hindoo Hill-shepherd of Kashmir
73. A Sikh Warrior
74. From the Hills, Baluchistan
75. A Typical Baluch
76. Two Baluch Chiefs
77. The Maharaja of Nabha
78. Spear-bearers from Cutch
79. An Elephant from Jaipur
8. Away from the Show
80. Watching the Pageant
81. Chiefs of the Shan State
82. A Soldier of the Maharaja of Sikkim
83. A Shan Chief and his Wife
84. A Hawksman of Rajgarh
85. A Standard-bearer of Cutch
86. A Formidable Warrior of Rewa
87. Of the Imperial Cadet Corps
88. The Imperial Cadet Corps at the Durbar
89. Horseman at the Bombay Camp
9. A Retainer of the Maharaja of Cutch
90. Bombay Chiefs' Camp
91. Armoured Horsemen of Kishengarh
92. Lady Curzon
93. A Rajput of Rajgarh
94. An Armed Retainer of the Bombay Chiefs
95. Camels from Mysore
96. Lord Kitchener
97. Spear-bearerfrom Jind
98. From Rajgarh
99. Baluch Chiefs on Durbar Day

Publisher: London : A. and C. Black




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