This book is sufficiently described by its title, being a record of the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to Ceylon, and of his success in the colonial sports of elephant hunting and elk hunting. It appeals to two sections of the public, those who eagerly seize upon every incident connected with the mode of life of any member of our Royal family, and those who are equally eager after any description from life of sport in those countries where wild beasts worthy of a hunter's rifle abound.

We may quote the following as an instance of the perils encountered by our Prince in navigating the Cingalese rivers;

"The stream was teeming with life. Fish of all varieties and sizes sprang into the boats as they paddled along, one of them finding its way into the Prince's coat pocket" (loyal fish !); "on all sides could be heard the snapping of alligators' jaws as tiny fish were caught in the monsters' mouths. The party had proceeded about a mile down the stream, when one of them, leaning down and resting his head on the gunwale of the boat, was startled from his quiet rest by the apparition of an alligator's gaping jaws, which made a direct snap at his head, fortunately missing it, but seizing, in place of it, the barrel of the rifle held in the hands of the Prince's English attendant, who was seated next to him; and which the monster nearly wrenched out of his hand, splashing the water about, and drenching every one in the canoe."

8 tinted lithographed plates.

Original red and gilted pictorial cloth covers.


Nature v.3, pg. 366 (09 March 1871)

Publisher: London: Provost & Co.




British Library


ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-05-05

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