Dr. Abraham Roth, editor of the Swiss journal the Bund, has published an account of an ascent of two hitherto unsealed summits in the Bernese Oberland of the Doldenhorn and the Weisse Frau. The Alpine Club has made the public familiar with every feature of adventure attendant on these exploits ; but we have seen nothing which can compare with the admirable illustrations with which Dr. Roth has adorned his little volume.

These are so good that the fullest idea of such snow-covered heights is conveyed to the most uninitiated. The care with which some natural object is always introduced is especially to be praised, as it at once conveys, what is so often wanting in singular pictures, an immediate appreciation of the enormous extent of the snow fields, and fully suggests the perilous heights attacked by the hardy tourists.

We have seldom seen color-printing so successfully applied to landscapes. The author does not disdain any mountain legend which came in his way, and thus gives an agreeable relief to the some-what monotonous details of Alpine climbing.

Published in German in the same year.

8vo, pp. [4], 82; 11 coloured lithograph plates (1 double-p.), 2 wood-engraved plates, a folding hand-colored lithograph map, and 2 wood-engravings in the text


Neate 669; 11 in OCLC (8 in the U.S); The Westminster Review, Volume 81. pg. 253 (1864)

Publisher: Coblenz: Karl Baedeker; London: Williams and Norgate, 1863.




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Map Name
The Doldenhorn and Weisse Frau - Map of the Blumlisalp and Doldenhorn Group (1863)

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