The Costume of the Russian Empire, illustrated by a series of seventy-three engravings


Date: 1803



Text in English and French.

Plates "copied from a series of engravings begun at Petersburg in 1776 and finished in 1779 under the care and at the expense of C. W. Müller [for J. G. Georgi's work: Beschreibung aller nationen des russischen reichs]" "The description to the plates have been derived from the most authentic sources": Müller, D'Auteroche, Kracheninnikow, Piescheëf, Pallas and Saur

Attributed by the Brit. mus. Catalogue to William Alexander

164 unnumbered pages, color frontispiece & 78 color plates ; (folio).


Not in Abbey; Colas 704; Lipperheide 1342; Bobins I 194.

1. Front Cover
10. An Esthonian Girl
11. A Female Peasant of Ingria
12. A Tcheremhisian Woman
13. Back of a Tcheremhisian Woman
14. A Tcheremhisian Woman, in her Summer Dress
15. A Tchouvashian Female
16. A Female Mordvine
17. A Female Mordvine shewing the back part of her dress
18. A Mordvine of the Mokshan Tribe
19. An Old Mordvine Woman of the Mokshan Tribe
2. Title Page - English
20. A Votiakian Woman
21. An Ostiak, of the Obe
22. An Ostiak, in his winter hunting dress
23. A Female Ostiak
24. A Tartar of Kazan
25. A Female Tartar of Kazan
26. A Female Tartar of Kazan, shewing the back part of her dress
27. A Female Tartar of Tchatska
28. A Female Tartar of the Nagai Tribe
29. A Kabardinian
3. Title Page - French
30. A Kabardinian Woman
31. A Boukharian of Siberia
32. A Bashkirian Woman
33. A Mestscherakian Woman
34. A Barabinzian Woman
35. A Barabinzian Girl
36. A Kirghi on Horseback
37. A Female Kirghi
38. A Female Katchintzian Tartar
39. A Female Schaman
4. A Laplander
40. A Female Schaman, shewing the back part of her dress
41. A Female Tartar, of the Tribe of Teleouti
42. A Female Tartar, of the Teleouti Tribe, shewing the back part of her dress
43. A Yakouti Tartar
44. A Female Yakouti
45. An Unmarried Female Yakouti
46. A Samoyed
47. A Female Samoyed
48. A Female Samoyed, in her summer dress
49. A Tungoose
5. A Female Inhabitant of Lapland
50. A Schaman of the Tungoosi
51. An Inhabitant of Kamtshatka, in his winter dress
52. A Female of Kamtshatka, in her common dress
53. A Female of Kamtshatka, with her child
54. A Woman of Kamtshatka, in her best dress
55. A Schaman of Kamtshatka
56. A Koriak
57. A Koriak, in his dress of ceremony
58. A Female Koriak
59. A Woman of Tschutski, in her common dress
6. A Peasant of Finland
60. A Woman of Tschutski, preparing skins
61. An Aleutian
62. A Kurilian
63. A Kalmuk
64. A Female Kalmuk
65. A Female Bratzkiye
66. A Bratzkian Woman, of Udinskoi Ostrog
67. A Bratzkian Schaman, or female magician
68. A Mongole Woman
69. A Mongole Priest, or Lama
7. A Female Peasant of Finland
70. A Mongloe Schaman
71. A Merchant of Kalouga
72. A Woman of Kalouga, in her Summer Dress
73. A Merchant's Wife of Kalouga, in her Winter Dress
74. An Unmarried Female of Waldai
75. A Married Oman of Waldai
76. A Russian Peasant
77. Back Cover
8. A Woman of Finland
9. A Woman of Esthonia

Publisher: London : W. Miller [etc.]





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