The Costume of the Hereditary States of the House of Austria : displayed in fifty coloured engravings / with descriptions, and an introduction by M. Bertrand de Moleville ; translated by R.C. Dallas, Esq. = Costumes des états héréditaires de la maison d'Autriche : consistant en cinquante gravures coloriées / dont les description, ainsi que l'introduction, ont été redigées par M. Bertrand de Moleville.


Date: 1804



One of a series of costume books published by Miller (the other titles comprised costumes of Russia, for which see here below, China and the Ottoman Empire), included in this volume are clothes from Tirol, Hungary, Bohemia, Transylvania, the Dalmatian coast, Moravia, and those of Jews from Poland.

The pictures are copied by the engravers William Ellis and William Poole, from a collection which had been recently published in Vienna, called Costumes des Etats de l Empereur . Bertrand de Moleville, author of the text, was sometime a minister for Louis XVI.

Text in English and French, with separate title pages in each language.. Translated by R.C. Dallas.

Aquatints by William Ellis and William Poole.

"... early copies are on paper watermarked prior to 1804, and contain an introduction in English and French on twelve pages, later omitted. The plates and text are copied from the original edition of Kininger, Vienna, 1803 (Colas, no. 1610) ..." (Abbey)

[4], iv, [102] pages, 50 leaves of plates : illustrations ; 36 cm


Tooley, R.V. Coloured plates (1979 ed.), 333; Abbey Travel 71; Bobins II 441; Colas 2112; Lipperheidesche Kostumbibliothek (2. Aufl.), 831.

1. Front Cover
10. A Country Girl of Upper Carniola in her Holiday Clothes
11. A Peasant of Upper Carniola in his Winter Dress
12. A Country Woman of Upper Carniola in her Winter Dress
13. A Tyrolian Wrestler
14. A Tyrolian Hunter
15. A Servant maid of an Inn at Inspruck
16. Peasants of the Neighbourhood of Inspruck
17. A Hungarian Peasant
18. A Hungarian Countrywoman
19. A Sclavonian Peasant of the County of Neutra, or Neytra
2. Title Page - English
20. A Schlavonian Country Girl, of the County of Neutra
21. A young Peasant of Egra, in his Winter Dress
22. A Woman and Girl of Egra, in their Winter Clothes
23. A young Bride of Egra, in her Wedding Clothes
24. Peasants of Egra, in their Summer Clothes
25. A Bohemian Serf
26. A Bohemian Woman
27. A Peasant of Flipovan, in the Bokowine
28. A Countrywoman of Flipovan, in the Bukowine
29. Countrywomen of the Neighbourhood of Hermanstadt, in Transylvania
3. Title Page - French
30. A Peasant of the Neighbourhood of Hermanstadt, in Transylvania
31. Saxon Ladies of the City of Hermanstadt
32. Citizens of the Environs of Hermanstadt
33. Croatian Women
34. A Polish Jew
35. A Polish Jewess
36. A Jew of Montgatz, in his Summer Dress
37. A Zouppanese Count, of the Country of Cattaro, in Dalmatia
38. A Zouppanese Countess
39. A Zouppanese and his Wife
4. A Peasant of Upper Austria [Frontispiece]
40. A Man and Woman of Risano, in the Country of Cattaro
41. A Greek Priest of the Country of Cattaro
42. A Serethian
43. A Pandour, or Red Mantle
44. A Moravian Mountaineer, near the confines of Hungary
45. A Countrywoman of the Mountains of Moravia
46. A Peasant of the Lowlands of Moravia, in his Summer Dress
47. A Countrywoman of the Lowlands of Moravia, in her Summer Dress
48. An Inhabitant of the Lowlands of Moravia, in his Winter Dress
49. A Countrywoman of the Lowlands of Moravia, in her Winter Dress
5. A Country Woman of Upper Austria
50. An Hannachian Woman
51. A Russniac Peasant of the Palatinate of Marmoros
52. A Russniac Woman of the Palatinate of Marmoros
53. A Blacksmith of Upper Austria, in his Holiday Clothes
54. Back Cover
6. A Village Girl of Upper Austria, carrying Milk to Market
7. A Peasant of Upper Carniola
8. A Peasant of Upper Carniola in his Summer Dress
9. A Country Woman of Upper Carniola in her Summer Dress

Publisher: London : W. Bulmer for W. Miller





Wellcome Collection

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-05-28

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