The Beautiful Scenery and Chief Places of Interest throughout the Crimea from Paintings


Date: 1856



Carlo Bossoli was a Swiss-born Italian painter and lithographer, who spent his early career in Ukraine. In 1844, at the request of his mother (who was ill), he moved to Milan and opened a studio there. In 1848, he produced popular scenes from "Five Days of Milan".

His mother died the following year, but he remained there until 1853, when an unsuccessful uprising against the Austrians forced him to flee to Turin, which he used as his base of operations for travels to England, France, Spain, Morocco, Germany and Scandinavia.

During those years, he produced an album of paintings, showing views of Crimea, which was published in London by Day & Son. It proved to be very popular due to public interest in the Crimean War.

Virtually chromo-lithographs, the plates in this sumptuously produced book, show when compared with Hullmandel's work 17 years earlier in Boys's Paris, Ghent, etc. 1839, something of the coarsening of effect in later, a more mechanical work (Abbey)

Plates include Sebastopol; Balaklava; Prince Woronzoff's Palace in Alupka; Tartar House in the village of Alupka; Remains of the Genoese Forts at Ciufat-Kale; Kertch; the Bosphorus

Folio, lithographed title, 51 hand colored lithographed plates on 30 leaves


Abbey Travel 239; Brunet I, 1130; Graesse I, 501, Bobins 181.

1. Title Page - The Beautiful Scenery and Chief Places of Interest throughout the Crimea from Paintings (1856)
10. The Arsenal Harbour, or Military Port, Sebastopol
11. Interior of an Early Christian Church
12. Mouth of the Tchernaya River, at the bottom of Inkermann Bay, end of Sebastopol Harbour
13. Remains of Genoese Forts at Inkermann
14. View of the Valley of Inkermann
15. Monastery of St. George
16. A General View of the Coast Extending from Cape Fiolente to Sebastopol
17. Entrance to the Harbour of Balaclava
18. General View of Balaclava, from the Genoese Forts
19. Balaclava, Seen from the Shore
2. Eupatoria
20. Prince Woronzoff's Palace in Alupka
21. A Tartar House in the Village of Alupka
22. Interior of a Tartar House
23. Tartar Children's School
24. The Peaks of Mount St. Peter
25. Cape and Lighthouse of St. Theodore
26. View of Yalta
27. Dance of Tartars
28. The Grotto of Yursuf
29. Mount Tchatyr-Dagh
3. Entrance to Sebastopol, from the Sea
30. Alushta
31. The Valley of Temerd-Ji
32. Tartars Travelling on the Plains
33. Waterfall of Giur-Giur
34. The River Salghyr
35. The Valley of Kokos
36. Simferopol
37. The Valley of Usembasch
38. Remains of the Genoese Forts of Ciufat-Kale
39. Bakchi-Sarai
4. The River Alma
40. Burial Ground of the Karaimi Jews
41. Ruins of a Large Genoese Fortress at Sudak
42. General View of Kara-Su-Bazar
43. Cape Tokli, on the Gulf of Kertch
44. Tomb of Mithridates, near the Lazaretto of Kertch
45. Kertch, seen from the high road to Yenikale
46. A General View of the Gulf of Kertch, seen from Mount Mithridates
47. Fort Arabat
48. Steppes between Perekop and Simferopol
49. Kaffa or Theodosia
5. Remains of the Ancient Chersonese, near Sebastopol
50. The Bosphorus
51. Russian Burial Ground
52. The Island of Serpents
6. The River Katcha
7. View of Fort St. Nicholas
8. Sebastopol, from the Northern Forts
9. Sebastopol, Taken from a Watch Tower in the Centre of the Town

Publisher: London: Day & Son




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-25

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