Terra Australis Incognita, or, A new Southern discovery, containing a fifth part of the world, lately found out by Ferdinand de Quir, a Spanish captain


Date: 1723



Ferdinand de Quir (also known as Pedro Fernandes de Queiros) was a Portuguese navigator in the service of Spain best known for his involvement with Spanish voyages of discovery in the Pacific Ocean, in particular the 1595–1596 voyage of Alvaro de Mendaña de Neira, and for leading a 1605–1606 expedition which crossed the Pacific in search of Terra Australis.

Known as the explorer's "Eighth memorial" 1606, in the series of 50 he is said to have prepared after his return, this is an English translation of a copy of a petition presented to the King of Spain by Capt. Ferdinand de Quir, touching the discovery of the fifth part of the world, called Terra Australis Incognita, and of the great riches and fertility of the same.

Alternative Title: Relación de un memorial que ha presentado Pedro Fernandez de Quir. English

"Printed in the Year 1617; And now Re-printed"

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Publisher: London : Printed for William Bray in Exeter-Court near Exeter-Change in the Strand, [1723?]



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