Souvenir of Chicago in Colors


Date: 1910



No description available.

1. Front Cover
10. A Busy Day on Dearborn and Randolph Streets
100. Grand Boulevard and Washington Monument from Washington Park
101. The Chutes, White City
102. King of the Lincoln Park Herd of Buffalo
11. Congress Hotel and Annex
12. Art Institute
13. Underground Tunnel at Street Intersection, Showing Loaded Freight Cars
14. Sheep in Washington Park
15. Hotel La Salle
16. Drexel Boulevard
17. Chicago Board of Trade
18. High Bridge, Lincoln Park
19. Tiffany Mosaic Dome, Marshall Field's Retail Store, State Street Building
2. Title Page
20. Jackson Park from Boat House
21. Public Library
22. Pavilion at Garfield Park
23. The Coliseum, Wabash Ave. Near 16th Street
24. Single Leaf Bascule Bridge
25. Auditorium Hotel and Theatre (Michigan Ave., Congress St. and Wabash Ave.)
26. Lion in Lincoln Park
27. Cook County Hospital
28. First National Bank Building
29. Lake Front View of Chicago at Night
3. New Post Office Building
30. Interior Lincoln Park Conservatory
31. Illinois Central Depot
32. Steamship City of South Haven
33. Siegel, Cooper and Co. (State and Van Buren Streets)
34. From the Chutes, Forest Park
35. Majestic Building
36. Theodore Thomas Orchestra Hall
37. The Steamship 'City of Benton Harbour'
38. La Salle Street, from Board of Trade Building
39. Grant Park and Illinois Central Station
4. Chicago in 1833
40. Electric Locomotive in Underground Tunnel
41. Winter Scene in Lincoln Park
42. Marshall Field & Co. State Street Front
43. German Building and Lagoon, Jackson Park
44. Fisher Building
45. Ryerson Physical Laboratory
46. Corner of State and Madison Streets, Chicago
47. Lincoln Statue, Lincoln Park
48. The Main Lobby, Hotel La Salle
49. Shores of Lake Michigan
5. The New Chicago and Northwestern Railway Station
50. Marble Corridor, Congress Hotel and Annex
51. State Street Bascule Bridge Lifted for Steamship 'Soo City'
52. The Electric Tower, White City
53. Grant Monument, Lincoln Park
54. Third Church of Christ, Scientist (Washington Boulevard and Leavitt Street)
55. Great Northern Hotel
56. Marshall Field and Co.'s Retail Store
57. Union Station
58. State St. South from Randolph
59. Beach in Jackson Park
6. Entrance to Lincoln Park and New "Pay-as-you-enter" Car
60. A 4-11 Fire Alarm
61. Conservatory, Lincoln Park
62. State Street, North from Madison
63. Academy of Science, Lincoln Park
64. Chicago Athlete Association Building
65. Illinois Athletic Club
66. Steamer Theodore Roosevelt
67. A corner of the Grill Room, Marshall Field and Co.'s Retail Store
68. Lake Shore Drive, Lincoln Park
69. The Fair (State, Adams and Dearborn Streets)
7. The Peoples Gas Building
70. Kent Chemical Laboratory, University of Chicago
71. "The Black Stone" (Michigan Avenue and Hubbard Court)
72. Lake Shore Drive
73. The Pompeiian Room, Congress Hotel and Annex
74. Union Stock Yards
75. Metropolitan Trains Crossing Bascule Bridge over Chicago River
76. Field Columbian Museum, Jackson Park
77. Commercial National Bank Building (Clark and Adams Streets)
78. Polar Bear in Lincoln Park
79. Halsted Street Lift Bridge
8. La Salle Street Station
80. Lagoon in Lincoln Park, from High Bridge
81. Post Office
82. Noon House on State Street
83. Seventh Regiment Armory (Thirty-third Street and Wentworth Avenue)
84. Masonic Temple
85. New County Building
86. Looking over Lagoon, Washington Park
87. Dearborn Street North from Jackson Boulevard
88. Wells Street Bridge and Northwestern Depot
89. Michigan Boulevard from Congress Annex
9. University Club
90. New Pavilion, Humboldt Park
91. Steamship Christopher Columbus (Whaleback) Entering Harbor at Chicago
92. Springtime in Douglas Park
93. Mrs. Potter Palmer's Residence
94. New Conservatory, Garfield Park
95. Wabash Avenue and Elevated Railway Looking North from Van Buren Street
96. Steamship 'United States'
97. South Water Street
98. Cobb Lecture Hall
99. Polk Street Station (Dearborn and Polk Streets)

Publisher: Chicago : V. O. Hammon Publishing Co.




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-09-30

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