Each plate accompanied by guard sheet with descriptive letterpress

1. Title Page
10. Loches, One of the Town Gateways
11. Blois, The Fountain of Louis XII., in the Market-place
12. The Castle of Chenonceau
13. Cahors, Pont Valentre (1265-1383), from the West
14. Cahors, Pont Valentre (1265-1383), from the East
15. Toulouse, Cathedral of St. Etienne
16. Carcassone, Cite
17. Perpignan, Gateway in the Fortifications
18. Narbonne, "Le Canal Des Deux Mers"
19. Nimes, Roman Baths
2. Old Houses in Chinon
20. Nimes, View of the Country South
21. Beaucaire, Twelfth-Century Castle
22. Tarascon, the Castle
23. Aix-en-provence, Romanesque Arch in the Ancient Cathedral of St. Sauveur, 1103
24. Antibes
25. The Rock-built Town of Monaco
26. Cannes and the Esterel Mountains
27. Mentone, Old Houses
28. San Remo
29. Albenga, Cathedral Tower and Baptistery
3. Dieppe, Fifteenth-Century Castle
30. Genoa, Lighthouse
31. Porto Venere
32. The Carrara Mountains from the Sea-coast
33. Pietrasanta
34. Viareggio, the Port
35. The Sea-coast North of Viareggio
36. Camajore
37. Pisa from Out Side the Walls
38. Pisa, Torre Guelfa
39. Venice, San Giorgio
4. On the Old Road from France to Florence
40. Florence from the Boboli Gardens, Looking Towards Fiesole
41. Florence, Ponte Vecchio
42. Florence, the Mercato Vecchio
43. Florence, Interior of the Duomo During the Lenten Preaching
44. Florence, Looking South-east from San Domenico After a Fall of Snow
45. Florence, the Duomo from the Ponte Vecchio.
46. Florence from the Olive Gardens of San Domenico
47. Lorence from Poggio Gherardo
48. Florence, View Across the Plain to the Hills
49. Vallombrosa, Abbey
5. Honfleur, Harbour Gateway
6. Caen, Church of St. Stephen (The Abbaye Aux Hommes)
7. Beauvais, East End of the Cathedral, 1247
8. Caen, Church of St. Jean
9. Amboise, The Castle

Publisher: London : J. Murray




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Date Added: 2019-05-24

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