Sketches of the country, character, and costume, in Portugal and Spain, made during the campaign, and on the route of the British army, in 1808 and 1809


Date: 1809



First edition.


Abbey Travel 135 2B; Tooley 107.

1. Book Display
10. Franciscans
11. Lisbon and Aqueduct of Alcantara
12. Aqueduct of Alcantara
13. A Portuguese Gentleman
14. A Lady of Lisbon in her walking dress
15. Pass in the mountains between Nisa and Villa Velha
16. A Peasant Boy of Nisa
17. Peasant in a Straw Coat
18. View on the Tagus near Villa Velha
19. Girl of Guarda
2. Front Cover
20. Bishop of Guarda
21. Peasant of the Corregimiento of Salamanca (I)
22. Peasant of the Corregimiento of Salamanca (II)
23. Armed Peasant of the Ciudad Rodrigo Militia
24. The Boleras Dance
25. Salamanca
26. A Doctor of Salamanca
27. A Student of the Irish College, Salamanca
28. Interior of the Cathedral of Salamanca
29. A Spanish lady with her attendant going to mass
3. Title Page
30. An Infant Capuchin
31. Interior of the Dominican Church, Salamanca
32. Servant Girls of Salamanca
33. Aliejos, a town in the Plains of Leon
34. Spanish Courier
35. Peasant of the Corregimiento of Toro
36. Toro
37. Shepherds of the Plains of Leon
38. Castle of Benevente
39. Pass of Manzanal
4. Creek of Maceira
40. Villa Franca
41. Pass near Villa Franca
42. View near Villa Franca
43. View between Constantin and Nogles
44. Spanish Military Costume
45. Spanish Grenadiers
46. Spanish Infantry
47. Spanish Light Horse
48. Spanish Heavy Horse
49. Portuguese Military Costume
5. A Car of Portuguese Estramadura
50. Lisbon Police Guard and Armed Peasant of Algarva
51. Novion or Lisbon Police Cavalry
52. Portuguese Legion of Alorgna
53. Portuguese Regiment of Alcantara
54. Portuguese Marine
55. A Private of French Infantry
56. A French Dragoon
57. Back Cover
6. Torres Vedlas from the North-West
7. Peasant of Torres Vedras
8. Cintra
9. Cintra from the Lisbon Road

Publisher: London : Printed for John Booth, by William Savage




Wellcome Collection


ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-04-23

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