Description of the Portuguese way of life in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro by the anonymous author, A.P.D.G. Illustrated with 20 colored plates of scenes of Brazilian life, all drawn by the author himself "with the exception of the three which treat of military and civil executions. Those were given to the author by a gentleman who had received them as a present from a British officer, an eye witness to the facts of which they are descriptive" -Introduction, p. xi.

Includes one leaf of music and words to a "modinha," entitled "Cruel saudade," by Manuel Jose Vidigal

Plates are hand colored

Chapt. I. Costumes of Lisbon -- Chapt. II-VI. Ramble through Lisbon -- Chapt. VII. Religious processions of Lisbon -- Chapt. VIII. Portuguese equipages -- Chapt. IX. The Portuguese court -- Chapt. X. Portuguese manners, female dress, &c. -- Chapt. XI. Some Portuguese customs -- Chapt. XII. Portuguese amusements -- Chapt. XIII. Portuguese funerals -- Chapt. XIV. The Portuguese Army, &c. -- Chapt. XV. Portuguese architecture, furniture, gardens, &c. -- Chapt. XVI. Negroes of Lisbon -- Chapt. XVII. Negroes of the Brazils, &c. -- Chapt. XVIII. Saloios or Portuguese peasantry -- Chapt. XIX. Portuguese villages, productions of the country, &c. -- Chapt. XX. Political conspiracy at Lisbon in 1817


Moraes, R.B. de. Bibliographia brasiliana

Publisher: London : Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane




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