James Atkinson had originally been invited to Calcutta by Governor General Lord Minto and given the appointment of assistant assay master for the mint. His work there was broken by a short period as Deputy Professor in Persian at the Fort William College and by a visit to England.

In 1838, he was appointed chief surgeon of the Army of the Indus, and in that capacity he accompanied the army on its march to Kabul in the First Anglo-Afghan War (1839-42). He was relieved shortly after the surrender of Dost Mohammad, and returned to Bengal in 1841 and thus escaped the fate which befell the army of occupation.

In 1842 he published a first-hand account of the war entitled The Expedition into Affghanistan: Notes and Sketches Descriptive of the Country. His text on the expedition into Afghanistan was considered a valuable and interesting personal narrative with his supplementary series of lithographed drawings, serving to complete the picture of what was then an unexplored country.

Atkinson was also a talented artist, and this work is book of lithographs based on drawings that Atkinson made in Afghanistan. Most of the plates are views, but there are some representing the costumes of Cabul. Published in London in the same year as The Expedition into Afghanistan, it includes 25 sketches depicting scenes in Kabul, mountain scenery, and significant events during the war.

Folio, lithographed pictorial title, lithographed dedication, descriptive text for the 25 lithographed plates by Louis and Charles Haghe after Atkinson

Dedication To the Most Noble the Marquis Wllesley,Knight of the Garter, etc. etc. etc. This work on the recent operations of the British Army in Afghaunistan, is respectfully dedicated, by His Lordship's most obedient servants, Graves & Warmsley.

3 p.l., 25 pl. 55 cm.


Tooley 73; Abbey Travel 508; Colas 173; Lipperheide 1493; Bobins 222.

Publisher: London : H. Graves & company




New York Public Library

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-23

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