Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan: Nippon fūkei fūbūtsu shaskin-chō


Date: 1910



Book, on thick gold edged cardboard, of 50 colored photographs with short captions, 2 maps: "General Maps of Government Railways" and "International Steamship connections."

Produced by the Imperial Government Railways, Japan.

1. Front Cover
10. Tokyo en Fete near Shimbashi Station
11. Typical Reception Room in a Wealthy Home
12. Under the Wistaria Arbour
13. Canal and Barges in Tokyo
14. Iris Garden near Tokyo
15. Interior of a Modern Department Store in Tokyo
16. Lotus Lake in a Tokyo Park
17. The Dalbutsu or Gigantic Bronze Statue of Buddha at Kamakura
18. The Odori - A Dramatic Dance in Old Time Costume
19. Miyanoshita - A Favourite Hot Spring Resort in the Hakone Mountains
2. Title Page
20. Peony Beds in Tokyo
21. A View of Mt. Fuji (Height: 12,370 ft.)
22. A Glimpse of the Pacific Coast from a Passing Train on the Tokaido Line
23. Grand Shrine of Ise
24. The Cha no Yu or Tea Ceremony
25. The Temple of Kiyomidzu at Kyoto
26. The Kinkakuji, Golden Pavillion, Kyoto
27. Enjoying the Cool of a Summer Evening on the Kamogawa in Kyoto
28. The Higashi Honganji - A Buddhist Temple at Kyoto
29. Entrance to the Kasuga Shrine at Nara and Group of Consecrated Maidens
3. General Map of the Government Railways in Japan
30. A River Picnic in Spring under the Plum Blossom
31. Horyuji - A Seven Century Temple near Nara
32. Armour and Weapons of Ancient Warriors
33. A Tea Plantation with Tea Pickers at Work
34. Dotombori - A Popular Amusement Quarter in Osaka
35. Ama no Hashidate - A Slender Bridge-Like Peninsula Bordered with Pines
36. The Glories of Autumn in Japan
37. Feudal Castle at Himeji
38. The No - A Dramatic Performance of a Classical Nature
39. A Typical Landscape Garden
4. The Main Entrance to the Imperial Palace, Tokyo
40. A Peep of the Inland Sea near Onomichi
41. Playing the Koto, a Japanese Music Instrument
42. Miyajima - A Celebrated Island in the Inland Sea
43. Kintai Bashi - A Bridge of Unique Construction in Southern Japan
44. Chiyo no Matsubara - A Celebrated Pine Grove in Kyushu with a Passing Train
45. The Ikebana or Flower Arrangement - One of the Aesthetic Arts of Japan
46. Mt. Aso - An Active Volcano in Kyushu
47. In the Grounds of the Nikko Temples
48. Avenue of Stately Cryptomerias with Buddhist Monk on His Itinerary
49. A Rich Display of Chrysanthemums
5. When the Cherry Blossom Blows, Uyeno Park, Tokyo
50. Matsushima - A Land Locked Bay Studded with Hundreds of Pine Clad Islets
51. A Characteristic Japanese Dance
52. Back Cover
6. A Street on the Modern Plan in Tokyo
7. Display of Dolls and Toys on the Girl's Festival in March
8. Overlooking the Imperial Palace Moat
9. Entrance to the Mausolea of the Tokugawa Shoguns in Tokyo

Publisher: Tokyo




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-24

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Map Name
Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan - General Map of the Government Railways in Japan (1910)

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