Sicily, Painted by Alberto Pisa, Described by Spencer C. Musson


Date: 1911



Plates accompanied by guard sheets with descriptive letterpress.

1. Front Cover
10. The Cloisters, Monreale
11. The Martorana, Palermo
12. Cefalu : Sunset
13. Street in Cefalu
14. Coast Near Trapani and Island of Aigousa, Scene of the Roman Naval Victory, 242 B.C.
15. La Caldura, Cefalu
16. Yard at Monte San Giuliano
17. Temple of Segesta
18. Garden at Monte San Giuliano
19. Seacoast, Selinunte
2. Title Page
20. A Dead City, Selinous
21. Port of Cefalu
22. Rus in Urbe, Taormina
23. Near Calatafimi
24. Monte San Giuliano, the Ancient Eryx
25. Monte Cofano from Portarella, Trapani
26. Castle of Monte San Giuliano
27. S. Giovanni Battista, Monte San Giuliano
28. Lemon-trees : Spring
29. La Caldura, Cefalu
3. Capella Palatina, Palermo
30. Girgenti from the West
31. The Temple of Concord, Girgenti, from S. Nicola
32. Girgenti from the Garden of S. Nicola
33. Spring Day in a Valley Near Girgenti
34. Badia Vecchia, Taormina
35. Old Houses, Taormina
36. The Theatre, Taormina
37. Vanishing Taormina
38. Cortile Palazzo Corvaia, Taormina
39. Palazzo S. Stefano, Taormina
4. Trapani and the Aigadian Islands from Castle of Monte San Giuliano
40. Etna, Giardini, and Schiso from Taormina
41. Seismogram of the Messina Earthquake
42. Castrogiovanni
43. Street in Castrogiovanni
44. Sta. Madre Dei Miracoli, Syracuse
45. Convent of the Capuccini from Villa Politi, Syracuse
46. The Theatre and Street of Tombs, Syracuse
47. Spring at Syracuse. View of Etna and Thapsos from Site of Tyche
48. Porch of S. Giovanni, Syracuse
49. Latomia Dei Capuccini from Villa Politi, Syracuse
5. South Doorway of Cathedral, Palermo
50. Gateway at Taormina
51. Porta Spada, Monte San Giuliano
52. Sketch Map of Sicily
53. Back Cover
6. Procession, Monte San Giuliano
7. S. Giovanni Degli Fremiti, Palermo
8. North-east View of the Cathedral, Cefalu
9. In the Cathedral of Monreale

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-09-06

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