Russia. Painted by F. de Haenen. Text by G. Dobson, H.M. Grove, and H. Stewart.


Date: 1913



No description available.

1. Front Cover
10. The Members leaving the Dooma
100. Book Display II
101. Book Display III
11. The Tsar Reviewing his Troops
12. Ice-Cutting on the Neva
13. Kazan Cathedral
14. Schlusselberg Fortress, on Lake Ladoga
15. Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul
16. Monument of Peter I. at St. Petersburg
17. A Droshky-Drivers' Tea-Stall
18. On the Road to Execution in Former Days
19. Cossacks of the Guard and Imperial Bodyguard
2. Title Page
20. Court Ball
21. Easter Day
22. Blessing the Neva
23. A Russian Wet-Nurse
24. Nevsky Prospect
25. A Dish of Tea from a Samovar
26. Public Sledge, Halfpenny Fare
27. A Russian Servant in Summer Dress
28. Officer and Sentinel
29. Coachman of Nevsky Prospect
3. Sledging with the 'Pristyazhka,' or Side-Horse
30. The Frozen-Meat Market, St. Petersburg
31. The Outside Porter
32. The Palace Quay of the Neva
33. Students
34. Peterhoff
35. The Saviour (Spassky) Tower of the Kremlin, Moscow
36. The Kremlin, Moscow
37. The Wedding of a Nobleman
38. A Rich Merchant and his Wife
39. The Small Golden Palata, or Tsaritsa's Hall, in the Kremlin
4. The Emperor and Empress in Ancient Dress
40. The 'Tsar' Bell, Moscow
41. The 'Tsar' Gun, Moscow
42. A Scene in the Kremlin during the Coronation of the Emperor
43. The Coronation of the Emperor
44. Heralds announcing the Coronation of the Emperor
45. A Droshky-Driver Kissing his Horse Good-morning
46. Bell-Ringers
47. Petrovsky Palace, Moscow
48. The Red (or Beautiful) Staircase of the Kremlin
49. The Spassky (Saviour) Gate of the Kremlin
5. Easter Eve
50. The Place Rouge, Moscow
51. Notre Dame D'Iberie (The Iberian Virgin)
52. Terrace of the Kremlin, Moscow
53. The Church of St. Basil in the Place Rouge on Christmas Eve
54. The Fire Brigade, Moscow
55. A Street Vendor of Salt Herrings
56. In the Environs of Moscow : Awaiting the Postman
57. Beggars
58. Refreshments : Coffee and Vodka
59. Peasants visiting Moscow
6. The late Father John of Cronstadt in his Garden
60. Soldiers Dancing in Barracks
61. The Poor of Moscow warming Themselves at Street Fires in Winter
62. An Open-Air Kitchen
63. A Middle-Class Funeral
64. The Imperial Opera House after a Gala Performance
65. A Sleigh with Blue Silk Net, to prevent the Snow from Spraying the Occupants ; the Kremlin in the Background
66. A Toboggan Slide
67. A Turcoman and his Wife
68. New Year's Custom : Choosing a Bride
69. A Convent in Novogorod : Nuns Making Hay
7. A Troika
70. Peasants
71. Siberian Convict
72. The Trans-Siberian Railway
73. Convoy of Prisoners on Foot
74. A Bear-Trap
75. A Northern Fur Merchant
76. Samoyedes
77. A Wolf-Hunt
78. A Summer's Day in the Country
79. Rafts on the Volga
8. One of the Palace Grenadiers
80. Getting Caviare at Astrakhan
81. Blessing the Water in the Country
82. A Carpet Fair at Astrakhan
83. Rich Tartars
84. Stage for Post-Horses in the Urals
85. Summer Caravans
86. A Country Mayor of the Toula District
87. A Polish Jew
88. Tea Sellers at a Country Railway Station
89. A Dance in Little Russia
9. The State Dooma
90. Blessing the Ground before Sowing : Little Russia
91. A Circassian
92. Circassians Drilling
93. Returning from a Hunt in the Caucasus
94. The Hunt for a Prisoner
95. Interior of a Siberian Prisoners' Wagon
96. A Kirghiz Wooing
97. Royal Palace, Livadia, Crimea
98. Sketch Map of Russia
99. Book Display I

Publisher: London : Adam and Charles Black




California Digital Library

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-06-27

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