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1. Front Cover
10. The Park, Fredensborg Castle
11. Fredensborg Castle, from the Marble Garden
12. Villa Hvidore
13. Herbaceous Border, Villa Hvidore
14. The Garden by the Sea, Villa Hvidore
15. The Open Door, Villa Hvidore
16. The Dahlia Border, Villa Hvidore
17. Frederiksborg Castle
18. Bygdo Kongsgaard
19. The Mercury, Bygdo
2. Title Page
20. The Palace, Christiania
21. Drottningholm Castle
22. Chateau Sofiero
23. The Royal Palace, Athens
24. The Acropolis, from the Royal Palace, Athens
25. The Garden of the Crown Prince's Palace, Athens
26. The Wistaria Bower, the Royal Palace, Athens
27. The Rose Pergola, Achilleion, Corfu
28. Cinerarias, Achilleion, Corfu
29. Sunset, the Achilleion, Corfu
3. Marlborough House
30. The Palace, Schonbrunn
31. The Menagerie, Schonbrunn
32. The Gloriette, Schonbrunn
33. Miramar
34. Schloss zu Gmunden
35. Schloss zu Gmunden, from the Chestnut Avenue
36. Lake Constance from Schloss Mainau
37. The North Wing of the Palace, from the Parterre d'Eau, Versailles
38. The Parterre de Latone, Versailles
39. The Fountain of Diana, Versailles
4. Buckingham Palace
40. Boboli Gardens, Florence
41. The Villa Petraja, Florence
42. The Sunk Garden, the Vatican, Rome
43. The Villa d'Este, Rome
44. Capo di Monte, Naples
45. La Granja
46. Aranjuez
47. The Magnolia Tree, Aranjuez
48. Necessidades Palace, Lisbon
49. The Palace, Peterhof
5. The Dutch Garden, Kensington Palace
50. The Fountains, Peterhof
51. The Tsar's Church, Peterhof
52. Schloss Friedrichshof
53. The Rose Garden, Friedrichshof
54. The Palace, Sans Souci
55. The Mill, Sans Souci
56. The Clock Tower, Wolfsgarten
57. The Pond, Wolfsgarten
58. Schloss Nymphenburg
59. The Berceau, Het Loo
6. King James's Steps, Windsor Castle
60. The Palace Gardens, Het Loo
61. The Orangery, Laeken
62. The Covered Way to the Chapel, Laeken
63. Back Cover
7. The Park, Sandringham
8. The Church, Sandringham
9. Barton Manor, Isle of Wight

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black




University of Toronto

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-06-28

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