Rome Painted by Alberto Pisa, Text by M. A. R. Tuker and Hope Malleson


Date: 1905



Hardcover bound in blue cloth decorated in yellow with a gilt title, illustrated with color plates by Alberto Piso, 267 pages.

1. Front Cover
10. Temple of Mars Ultor
11. Temple of Vespasian from the Portico of the Dii Consentes
12. The Colosseum on a Spring Day
13. The Colosseum at Sunset
14. Arch of Titus
15. A Procession in the Catacomb of Callistus
16. Flavian Basilica on the Palatine
17. Library of the House of Domitian on the Palatine
18. Forum of Nerva
19. Fountain of Trevi
2. Title Page
20. Column of Marcus Aurelius, Piazza Colonna
21. Pantheon, a flank view
22. Silversmiths' Arch in the Velabrum
23. Convent Garden of San Cosimato, Vicovaro
24. A Tract of the Claudian Aqueduct outside the City
25. Campagna Romana, from Tivoli
26. Subiaco from the Monastery of S. Benedict
27. Garden of the Monastery of Santa Scholastica, Subiaco
28. Holy Stairs at the Sagro Speco
29. Little Gleaner in the Campagna
3. Marble relief of the Ambarvalia Sacrifice in the Forum
30. Sea-horse Fountain in the Villa Borghese
31. Ornamental Water, Villa Borghese
32. Village Street at Anticoli, in the Sabine Hills
33. Villa d'Este, Tivoli
34. In Villa Borghese
35. The &34;Spanish Steps,&34; Piazza di Spagna
36. At the Foot of the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, on a Wet Day
37. Roman Peasant carrying Copper Water Pot
38. Chapel of the Passion in the Church of San Clemente
39. A Rustic Dwelling in the Roman Campagna
4. The Forum from the Arch of Septimius Severus
40. Procession with the Host at Subiaco
41. Girl selling Birds in the Via del Campidoglio
42. Entrance to Ara Coeli from the Forum
43. In the Church of Ara Coeli
44. Doorway of the Monastery of S. Benedict (Sagro Speco) at Subiaco
45. Chapel of San Lorenzo Loricato at S. Benedict's, Subiaco
46. Steps of the Dominican Nuns' Church of SS. Domenico and Sisto
47. Porta San Paolo
48. The Colosseum in a Storm
49. Arch of Titus from the Arch of Constantine
5. The Forum, looking towards the Capitol
50. Mediaeval House at Tivoli
51. Ilex Avenue and Fountain (Fontana scura) Villa Borghese
52. &34;House of Cola di Rienzo,&34; by Ponte Rotto
53. San Clemente, Choir and Tribune of Upper Church
54. Santa Maria in Cosmedin
55. Chapel of San Zeno (called orto del paradiso) in S. Prassede
56. Cloisters of S. Paul's-without-the-Walls
57. Cloisters in Santa Scholastica, Subiaco
58. Santa Maria Minerva
59. Saint Peter's
6. Temple of Saturn from the Basilica Julia in the Forum
60. Interior of S. Peter's, the Bronze Statue of S. Peter
61. A Cardinal in Villa d'Este
62. Villa d'Este - Path of the Hundred Fountains
63. Theatre of Marcellus
64. Island of the Tiber - the Isola Sacra
65. The Steps of Ara Coeli
66. Steps of the Church of SS. Domenico and Sisto
67. Santa Maria Maggiore
68. Arch of Constantine
69. Castel and Ponte Sant' Angelo
7. S. Peter's and Castel Sant' Angelo from the Tiber
70. Bronze Statue of Marcus Aurelius on the Capitol
71. S. Peter's from the Pincian Gardens
72. From the Terrace of the House of Domitian
73. Back Cover
8. Temple of Saturn from the Portico of the Dii Consentes
9. Corner of the Forum from the base of the Temple of Saturn

Publisher: London : Adam and Charles Black




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-09-28

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