Rerum et urbis Amstelodamensium historia. : In qua Hollandiæ primum atque inde Amstelandiæ, oppidiq[ue], natales ... additis suo loco tabulis æri incisis, ad hæc usque tempora, observata annorum serie accuratè omnia deducuntur.


Date: 1611



Includes a history of Dutch voyages to Greenland with black and white map of the Arctic showing voyages, p. 128-144

Title page and 50 illustrations, maps, plans, initials hand-colored. Title-page and occasional illustrations illuminated as well. One map and one plan black and white, perhaps those noted in pencil on fly-leaf as "from another copy".

All folded maps and plans are hinged in -- that designated for p. 145 placed instead at p. 246. Engraved title page. Some illustrations and plans are signed by the cartographer, Benjamin Wright ("Beniamin W., coelator") who is credited in Thieme-Becker with the entire artistc content


Tooley, R.V. Dict. of mapmakers; Thieme-Becker. Künstler-Lexikon; Sabin.

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Publisher: Amsterodami : Sub cane vigilanti excudit Judocus Hondius




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