Report of the International polar expedition to Point Barrow, Alaska, in response to the resolution of the [U.S.] House of representatives of December 11, 1884


Date: 1885



Issued also as House ex. doc. 44, 48th Cong., 2d sess. (v. 23, serial no. 2298)

Report of Lieut. P.H. Ray, commanding the expedition, to the chief of the United States Signal office

pt.I. Orders and instructions.--pt.II. Narrative, by Lieut. P.H. Ray.--pt. III. Ethnographic sketch of the natives of Point Barrow, by Lieut. P.H. Ray: 1. Sketch. 2. Approximate census of Eskimos at the Cape Smythe village. 3. Vocabulary collected among the Eskimos of Point Barrow and Cape Smythe. 4. Catalogue of ethnological specimens collected by the Point Barrow expedition, prepared by John Murdoch.--pt. IV. Natural history, by John Murdoch: 1. Mammals. 2. Birds. 3. Fishes. 4. Insects [by C.V. Riley] 5. Marine invertebrates (exclusive of mollusks) 6. Report on the mollusks, by W.H. Dall. 7. Collecting localities and dredging stations. 8. Plants, by Prof. Asa Gray. Appendix.--pt. V. Meteorology (including Aurora)-- pt. VI. Terrestrial magnetism [by C.A. Schott, U.S Coast and geodetic survey]--pt. VII. Tides.--pt. VIII. Miscellaneous observations

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