[Volume 4] Reliquiae Britannico-Romanae : containing figures of Roman antiquities discovered in various parts of England


Date: 1813



v. 1. Figures of mosaic pavements discovered at Horkstow near Lincolnshire ; Remains of two temples, and other Roman antiquities, discovered at Bath ; Figures of mosaic pavements discovered near Frampton ; Roman antiquities discovered in Kent, Cheshire, Durham, Lancashire, Cumberland, Somersetshire, Northamptonshire, and Wiltshire -- v. 2. Roman antiquities discovered in the county of Gloucester ; Remains of military ensigns &c. -- v. 3. Remains of a Roman villa discovered at Bignor in Sussex -- v. 4. An account of Roman antiquities discovered at Woodchester in the county of Gloucester

"Only 50 copies were completed for sale."--Dict. Nat. Biog.

Issued in parts, 1797-1815. Each part has special title and separate paging.

Plates are colored by hand

Library's copy of v. 2 incorrectly numbered v. 3 on title page and half-title


Abbey, J.R. Scenery

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Publisher: London : Printed by T. Bensley, and sold by Messrs. Cadell and Davies, T. Payne, and White, Cochran, and Co




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