Relatione del Reame di Congo et delle circonuicine contrade. Trata dalli scritti & ragionamenti di Odoardo Lopez Portoghese per Filippo Pigafetta con disegni vari di geografia, di piante, d'habiti, d'animali, & altro...


Date: 1591



Translated by Abraham Hartwell as A report of the kingdome of Congo, a region of Africa : And of the countries that border rounde about the same. 1. Wherein is also shewed, that the two zones torrida & frigida, are not onely habitable, but inhabited, and very temperate, contrary to the opinion of the old philosophers. 2. That the blacke colour which is in the skinnes of the Ethiopians and Negroes &c. proceedeth not from the sunne. 3. And that the Riuer Nilus springeth not out of the mountains of the Moone, as hath been heretofore beleeued: together with the true cause of the rising and increasing thereof. 4. Besides the description of diuers plants, fishes and beastes, that are found in those countries. Drawen out of the writinges and discourses of Odoardo Lopez a Portingall, by Philippo Pigafetta, 1597.

[6], 82 p. : il., 3 estampas desdobr. ; 4° (22 cm)

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Publisher: In Roma : appresso Bartolomeo Grassi, 1591



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