Picturesque Tour of the Seine, From Paris to the Sea. With particulars historical and descriptive… Illustrated with twenty-four highly finished and coloured engravings, from drawings made by A. Pugin and J. Glendall; And accompanied by a Map


Date: 1821



In the history of book production “there is no more attractive figure than that of Rudolph Ackermann, through whose extraordinary enterprise and spirit of adventure, aquatint was successfully applied to the illustration of books (Prideaux, 120-23). One of Ackermann's most lucrative projects was his remarkable Picturesque Tours, a series of seven books produced between 1820-28.

The River Seine is well known to form a distinguished feature in the Tour of France, as it winds through and adorns the important province of Normandy, and is the great commercial Channel of the Metropolis of that Kingdom. This River reflects, in its earlier stream, the most striking views of metropolitan grandeur; and, as it proceeds, Nature has been most lavish in beautiful pictures on its banks, and presents, in its course, a succession of objects, whose landscape enrichments are connected with antiquarian circumstances peculiarly interesting to the English Traveller" (prospectus on verso of the wrappers).

One of the greatest nineteenth-century English color plate books illustrating the scenery along the Seine. Brilliant impressions of the plates, superbly hand-colored. The work was issued by Ackermann in six parts, each containing four plates with original publisher's wrappers, between January and June 1821. Seven hundred and fifty copies were printed on regular paper, at 14s per part, and fifty large-paper copies (like the present), "taken on Atlas Paper" at 21s per part. "Large-paper copies have remarkably brilliant impressions of the plates and are greatly superior to small-paper copies" (Tooley).

Folio (16 3/4 x 13 inches; 425 x 330 mm.). viii, [ii, contents and list of plates], 177, [1 blank] pp. Hand colored vignette title and tailpiece. Hand-Colored map and twenty four hand-colored aquatint plates by D. Havell after A. Pugin and J. Glendall. Plates and text watermarked 1820.



Abbey, Travel 90; Tooley 445; Bobins, Exotic and the Beautiful II: 548; Prideaux, 351, 375.

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Publisher: London: R. Ackermann





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