Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore : from forty drawings taken on the spot / by James Hunter, Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery ; serving in a detachment from that corps under Marquis Cornwallis, in the war with Tippoo Sultan ; engraved under the direction of Edward Orme.


Date: 1805



James Hunter was a Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery under Cornwallis during the Third Anglo-Mysore War where British and Company troops defeated the Tipu Sultan. The views here include landmarks in Seringapatam, Bangalore, the surrounding countryside, as well as British encampments.

Cover title: Kingdom of Mysore.

Oblong folio (421 x 538 mm). 41 hand-colored aquatint engravings, 40 of which after James Hunter.

[41] leaves of plates : all col. ill. ; 41 x 52 cm.


Abbey, Travel, 424.

1. Title Page
10. North Front of Tippoo's Palace, Bangalore
11. West Front of Tippoo's Palace, Bangalore
12. A Street Leading to the Palace of Bangalore
13. The Square and Entrance into Tippoo's Palace, Bangalore
14. North Entrance of Tippoo's Palace at Bangalore
15. The Mysore Gate at Bangalore
16. The North Entrance into the Fort of Bangalore [with Tipu's Flag Flying]
17. The Delhi Gate of Bangalore
18. The South Entrance Into The Fort of Bangalore
19. The Third Delhi Gate of Bangalore
2. Tippoo Sultan. From an Original Picture in the Possession of the Marquis Wellesley
20. A Moorish Mosque at Bangalore
21. A View of Mount St. Thomas, near Madras
22. The Royal Artillery Encampment, Arcot
23. A Pagoda at Struppermador
24. A Mosque at Struppermador
25. A View on the Road at Struppermador
26. Overflowing of the Tank, at Struppermador
27. A View of Ouscottah, from an Eadgah [with Sepoys]
28. Killadar's Tomb, Ouscottah
29. Kistnaghurry
3. Seringapatam
30. East View of Kistnaghurry
31. N.W. Angle of Osar
32. South East Angle of Osar [with Union Flag]
33. North View of Shole Ghurry
34. East View of Shole Ghurry, from the Camp at Arnee
35. Ourry Durgam, the Head of the Pass into the Barrah Mauhl.
36. A View in the Barrah Mauhl
37. A View from the Royal Artillery Encampment, Conjeveram
38. A View from the Royal Artillery Encampment, Conditore
39. A View of Outra Droog
4. Hyder Ally's Tomb, Seringapatam
40. Nabob's Choultry & Tank, Conjeveram
41. A House at Bankipore, the Residence of William Hunter Esq.
42. Commilah, Late the Residence of John Buller, Esqr.
5. A Mosque At Seringapatam
6. Music Gallery at the Entrance of the Mosque
7. Garden Gate, Laul Baugh, Seringapatam
8. Hyder Ally Kahn's Own Family Tomb, at Colar
9. East View of Bangalore, with the Cypress Garden, from a Pagoda

Publisher: London : W. Bulmer for E. Orme




British Library


ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-31

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