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1. Front Cover
10. The Main Street, Arquata
11. The Street of the Arches, Arquata
12. Clearing the Ruins of Ciano Church
13. Enemy Dug-outs on the Slope of San Salvatore di Susegana
14. Cave Dwellings on the Montello
15. A Casualty on the Montello
16. The Ruins of San Salvatore di Susegana
17. The Ruins of Nervesa
18. Heavy Guns in a Village at the Front
19. In the Aerodrome, Vicenza
2. Title Page
20. Ponte S. Miehele, Vicenza
21. The Municipio, Padua
22. A Street in Asiago
23. Wayside Ruins, Old and New, near Pederobba
24. Near a Corps H.Q.
25. Hills of Italy
26. The Shell-swept Village of Fener
27. Hot Springs, Battaglia
28. In an Italian Village
29. The Best Preserved House in Fener
3. Going forward into Action, Saoile
30. Camouflaged Tents
31. A Hill Chapel
32. Garrison Sports, Italy
33. The Colonel's Washing : Via Cul di Sacco Petrone, Vicenza
34. The Canal at Battaglia
35. The Aerodome at Vicenza
36. The Val d'Assa from the Edge of the Asiago Plateau
37. Enemy Dug-outs on the North Bank of the Piave
38. The Church, Asiago
39. The Church, Spresiano
4. Vocemola
40. Ruins of the Castle, San Salvatore di Susegana
41. Front-line Trenches on the Montello overlooking the Piave
42. Tommy at Treviso
43. Padua from the Vicenza Road
44. The Chiesa dei Carmini, Padua
45. &34;Many-domed Padua&34;
46. On the Advance to Pordenone
47. &34;O.C. Bridges,&34; Sacile
48. The Piazza, Sacile
49. Bombed Houses in the Piazza S. Leonardo, Treviso
5. The Walls of Vicenza
50. Advance of the Cavalry across the Piave
51. Pontoon Traffic on the Piave
52. Bridge over the Monticano
53. Sketch Map
54. Back Cover
6. H.Q. of a 15 cm. Austrian Battery near Casa la Saga
7. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Padua
8. Evening Shadows, Arquata
9. The Piazza outside Base H.Q.

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black, ltd.




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