Oregon, the picturesque; a book of rambles in the Oregon country and in the wilds of northern California; descriptive sketches and pictures of Crater and Klamath lakes, the Deschutes River Canyon, the New Columbia highway, the Willamette and Rogue River valleys and the cities and towns of Oregon; also of the little-known lakes, rivers, mountains, and vast forests of northern California, to which is added a trip to the Yosemite and to the Roosevelt dam and the petrified forest of Arizona, by motor car. By Thos. D. Murphy, with a map, covering the country described and showing the author's route, and with forty plates, of which sixteen are in color. Tools


Date: 1917



5 p. ?., 317 p. col. front., plates (part col.) fold. maps. 25 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. Crater Lake
11. The Road to Crater Lake
12. Ship Rock, Crater Lake
13. Wizard Island from Garfield Peak
14. Crater Lake-wizard Island in Distance
15. Llao Rock, Crater Lake
16. Sand Creek Canyon Pinnacles
17. The Three Sisters, Deschutes Canyon
18. The Deschutes near North Junction
19. Overlooking Deschutes Canyon. Mt. Jefferson
2. Title Page
20. Mt. Hood from Tygh Valley
21. Or Bon Deschutes River Canyon
22. The Deschutes River Canyon
23. Sunset on the Columbia
24. Oneonta Tunnel, Columbia River Highway
25. Columbia Highway at Mitchell Point
26. Around Tooth Mountain, Columbia Highway
27. From Inspiration Point, Columbia Highway
28. Shepperd's Dell Bridge, Columbia River Highway
29. Sheppard's Bridge from Beneath-columbia Highway
3. Bishop's Cap, Columbia Highway
30. Shepperd's Bridge, Columbia Highway
31. Columbia River Gorge from Chanticleer Inn
32. Columbia Highway near Eagle Creek
33. Portland and Mt. Hood
34. Along the Columbia Highway
35. Prune Orchards near Dundee, Oregon, Willamette Valley
36. The Willamette near Eugene, Oregon
37. On the Pacific Highway in Oregon
38. Through the Del Norte Redwoods
39. Sand Dunes on the North Coast
4. The Oaks at Sunset
40. The Mendocino Coast
41. El Capitan, Yosemite
42. Solitude-the Arizona National Forests
43. Map Showing Author's Route in California
44. Map Showing Author's Route in Oregon
45. Back Cover
5. On the Lower Columbia River Highway
6. On the Pacific Highway
7. A Corner of Lake Tahoe
8. Across Lake Tahoe
9. Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe

Publisher: Boston : The Page Company





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Date Added: 2020-06-28

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