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New Mexico, the land of the delight makers; the history of its ancient cliff dwellings and pueblos, conquest by the Spaniards, Franciscan missions;


Date: 1920



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New Mexico, The Land of the Delight Makers. Boston : The Page Company. 1920.


(1920) New Mexico, The Land of the Delight Makers. Boston : The Page Company.


New Mexico, The Land of the Delight Makers. Boston : The Page Company. 1920.


3 p.l., v-xxvii, 169 p. col. front., illus. (music) plates (part col.) ports., fold. maps. 24 cm.

List of Images

1. Front Cover

10. The Pueblo of Zuni from across the River

11. Man and Boy, Zuni

12. We-wha, the remarkable Zuni character who visited President Cleveland

13. We-wha at the Grinding Trough in her house at Zuni

14. Zuni Dick and his Brother making shell bead necklaces

15. The Pillars known as "The Caique's Son and Daughter," on Taiyoallane, near Zuni

16. Zuni Nick, soon after he was tried as a Wizard

17. Melita, the day after she was rescued from Hanging as a witch

18. Pueblo Indian, with throwing stick, ready for a Rabbit Hunt

19. From the author's Collection of We-ma-he, or Prey Fetiches

2. Title Page

20. The New Mexico Desert Region in Winter

21. The Cliffs of Acoma, showing the Old Franciscan Mission

22. A Street in Acoma

23. The Governor of Laguna

24. Interior of the Old Franciscan Mission at Acoma the Pueblo of Laguna

25. The Pueblo of Laguna

26. Dance at the Fiesta de San Esteban at Acoma

27. Katzimo, or the Enchanted Mesa, from the North

28. Pueblo Indians Making Pottery

29. Pahos, or Prayer Sticks

3. The Water Maiden at Laguna

30. Manuelito, the Last Great Navaho Chief

31. Preparing for a Dance, Zuni

32. A Dance at Laguna

33. The Old Mission Church at Zuni

34. The Mission Church at Cochiti, before, and after, "Restoration"

35. "Christ on the Cross," in the Morada at Taos

36. The Penitente Cross at San Mateo

37. The Self-whipping of the New Mexico Penitentes

38. The Author attempting to carry a typical Penitente Cross

39. The Carreta delMuerto used by the Penitentes at Taos

4. The Pueblo of Isleta

40. A Summer Camp in the Santa Fe National Forest

41. San Mateo Mountain - also called Mt. Taylor

42. Bear Canyon, in the Sandias

43. A Goat Ranch in the Lincoln National Forest

44. Santa Fe Lake, Santa Fe National Forest

45. A New Mexico Wild Turkey

46. The Guardian of the Desert

47. Palo Verde - Mesquite - Desert Flora

48. A New Mexico "Vocalist"

49. The "Ocatillo"

5. Map of New Mexico

50. The Sentinels of the Desert

51. The Mirage

52. The Snowy Range

53. The Pepper Stringers

54. A Pueblo Indian Funeral Procession at Isleta

55. Quaken Aspen Grove, Cloudcroft

56. Indian School, Laguna

57. "The Cathedral of the Desert" : Museum and Auditorium, Santa Fe

58. Elephant Butte Dam

59. Section of the Main Canal, Carlsbad Project

6. A Carlsbad Home

60. Church of San Felipe de Neri

61. An Albuquerque Residential Street

62. Back Cover

7. The Old Franciscan Mission at the Pueblo of Zia

8. The Old Mexican Ovens at San Lorenzo

9. El Morro - Inscription Rock

Publication Information

Publisher: Boston : The Page Company





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-28

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