[Volume 1] Narrative, of a five years' expedition, against the revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the wild coast of South America, from the year 1772, to 1777 : elucidating the history of that country, and the description of its productions, viz. quadrupedes, birds, fishes, reptiles, trees, shrubs, fruits, & roots; with an account of the indians of Guiana, & Negroes of Guinea. By Captn. J.G. Stedman. Illustrated with 80 elegant engravings, designed from nature, by the author


Date: 1796



John Gabriel Stedman was a distinguished officer in the Scots Brigade In Holland and a British Dutch soldier and noted author, who volunteered for service against the Negroes in Dutch Guiana. His first-hand observation and depiction of slavery and other aspects of colonization became an important tool in the abolitionist cause. He described all aspects of natural life in this South American colony.

First published in 1796, the unsold copies of the second edition [of 1806] were issued with a new title-page in 1813.

Illustrated with 76 elegant hand coloured copper engravings from drawings made by the author and engraved by William Blake, Bartolozzi and others. 2 identical engraved titles, 3 folding maps and 1 folding panoramic view all with tissue guards. 2 volumes, small 4to.


Abbey Travel II 719; Bobins I 27; Sabin 91075.

1. Front Cover
10. The Fruit called Avoira
11. The Shaddock Apple
12. A Map of Surinam
13. A Coromantyn Free Negro, or Ranger, armed
14. Joanna
15. Sprig of the Tamarind Tree
16. View of the Estate Alkmaar, on the River Commewine
17. Representation of a Tent Boat, or Plantation Barge
18. A Negro hung alive by the Ribs to a Gallows
19. The Toucan & the Fly-catcher
2. Title Page
20. A private Marine of Col. Fourgeoud's Corps
21. View & Plan of the Fortress called Amsterdam
22. The Leguana or Iguana Lizard of Guiana
23. The Alligator or Cayman of Surinam
24. The Ai, & the Unan; or the Sheep & Dog Sloth
25. View of the Post Devil's Harwar; on Rio Cottica
26. The Armed Barges, commanded by Capt. Stedman
27. The Mecoo & Kishee Kishee Monkeys
28. The skinning of the Aboma Snake, shot by Capt. Stedman
29. Order of March
3. Frontispiece Portrait of the Author
30. The Blue & Yellow & the Anazon Macaw
31. Group of Negros, as imported to be sold for Slaves
32. Sprig of the Cotton Tree
33. The Armadillo & Porcupine of Guiana
34. The Skulls of Lieut. Leppar; & Six of his Men
35. The Manicole & the Cocoa-Nut Tree
36. The Agamy & Powese or Peacock Pheasant
37. The Military Post Vreedenburgh, at the Marawina
38. View of the three Encampments at the Wana Creek
39. Azure blue Butterfly of South America
4. A Map of Guiana
40. View of the Town of Paramaribo, with the Road & Shipping from the opposite Shore
41. Plan of the Town of Paramaribo
42. Female Quadroon Slave of Surinam
43. The Bajew, or Stag of Guiana
44. The Wirrebocerra, or Small Deer
45. The Sugar Cane, in its four different Stages
46. Flagellation of a Female Samboe Slave
47. The Spur winged Water hen of Guiana
48. The Red Curlew of Surinam
49. The Pingo Warree, or Wild Boar of Guiana
5. The Harangus Volans, or Flying Fish
50. The Pecary, or Mexican Hog
51. The Plantation Tree, and the Banana
52. Indian Family of the Carribee Nation
53. Arms, Ornaments & Furniture of the Indians
54. Back Cover
6. The Dorado, or Dolphin of the Moderns
7. A Female Negro Slave, with a Weight chained to her Ancle
8. View of the Constable Rocks, off Cayenne, from N.E.
9. The Saw Fish & part of the Head reversed.

Publisher: London : Printed by J. Johnson, St. Pauls Church Yard, & J. Edwards, Pall Mall




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Map Name
Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 1 - A Map of Guiana (1796)
Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 1 - A Map of Suriname (1796)

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