Naples, Painted by Augustine Fitzgerald and Described by S. Fitzgerald


Date: 1904



Images and descriptions of Naples, the Neapolitan Riviera, the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Capri and Ischia.

Eighty colour plates, under captioned tissue guards, by A. Fitzgerald.

4to. White or red pictorial cloth, lettered in gilt, with a design in red, green and orange.

1. Front Cover
10. On the Marina, Naples
11. Dancer of the Tarantella at Sorrento
12. Lemonade-Sellers of Naples
13. Vegetable Shop, Naples
14. The Park of the Palace of Capodimonte, above Naples
15. Corporal of the Bersaglieri, Naples
16. The Fountain of Papparella in the Villa Nazionale of Naples
17. Church of S. Croce, Naples
18. A Balia (Nurse) in the Villa Nazionale, Naples
19. Street Scene, the Marina, Naples
2. Title Page
20. Types of Peasantry, Naples
21. A Fruit-Seller, Naples
22. A Corner in the Garden of Lord Rosebery's Villa Posillipo
23. A Terrace in the Villa Rosebery
24. Venus's Bath, Caserta
25. The Villa Gallotti, Posillipo
26. Old Pavilion of the Lago di Fusaro
27. Torre del Greco
28. Camaldoli, above Naples
29. View taken from the Grounds of the Villa Antonietta, Quisiana
3. Pergola
30. On a House Top, Sorrento
31. Ruined Castle of Lattere on the Hills above Gragnano
32. House of the Faun, Pompeii
33. House of the Drunken Faun, Pompeii
34. House of Olconius, Pompeii
35. The Villa Crawford
36. Evening near Massa, Peninsula of Sorrento
37. Old Garden Gateway, Sorrento
38. Capri
39. Street Scene in Sorrento
4. The &34;Gridone,&34; leading up from the Via Chiaia
40. In the Grounds of Marion Crawford's Villa, Sorrento
41. Portrait of Tarantella Dancer with Castanets
42. The Villa Crawford, Sorrento
43. On the Road to Massa
44. A Garden Terrace, Sorrento
45. Clock Tower of Sorrento
46. Garden of the Princess Gortchakovv's Villa at Sorrento
47. Fountain in Sorrento
48. Beach of the Fishing Village of Puolo
49. Olive Grove near Massa
5. Naples, from the Parco Grifeo
50. Street of Positano
51. Amalfi in Summer
52. Amalfi
53. Cathedral of Amalfi
54. Terrace of the Cappucini Hotel, Amalfi
55. The Street of Atrani
56. Garden in the Villa Palumbo, Ravello
57. Cathedral of Ravello
58. Garden of the Palazzo Ruffolo, Ravello
59. Terrace of the Palazzo Ruffolo, Ravello
6. Rock Pines in the Grounds of the Villa Floridiana, on the Vomero, Naples
60. Pulpit of S. Giovanni del Toro, Ravello
61. Old Tower on the Shore of Maiori
62. Cetara
63. Vietri
64. The Basilica of Paestum
65. Temple of Poseidon, Paestum
66. Basilica of Paestum
67. On the Road to Forio
68. Castle of the Pescara, Ischia
69. The Torrione, Forio, Ischia
7. Woman Knitting, Neapolitan Type
70. In the Villa Maresca
71. Forio, Ischia
72. View of Forio, Island of Ischia
73. Church of S. Pietro, Ischia
74. A Street in Casamicciola, Ischia
75. Evening upon the Beach of the Marina of Ischia
76. Peasants under the Vines, Casamicciola, Ischia
77. Street in Capri
78. Peasant Girl of Capri
79. Village Road of Caprili, Capri
8. Porto Capuana, Naples
80. Fisher Girl of Capri
81. In the Villa Munthe, Anacapri
82. Villa Dubuffe
83. Back Cover
9. A Singer in the Tarantella

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black




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