Monaco and Monte Carlo, by Adolphe Smith. With eight reproductins in colour from drawings by Charles Maresco Pearce, and with forty-eight illustrations in black and white.


Date: 1912



477 p. 1 L. col. front., plates (part col.) plan, facisms. 26 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. L'Hirondelle II. Ready to be Launched
11. The Oceanographic Institute in Paris
12. The Neolithodes grimaldi
13. The Gorgonocephalus agassizi
14. The Anthropological Museum
15. Northern Type of Giant
16. The Caverne du Prince
17. Prehistoric Painting in the Altamira Cavern
18. The Ancient Palace of the Grimaldis
19. The Prince Tells the President One of His Best Jokes
2. Title Page
20. Lieutenant Bouree Takes A Colour Photo-Graph Of The President Of The French Republic
21. The Tete De Chien Mountain, The Prince's Palace And The Condamine
22. Fontvieille, The Industrial Quarter
23. Crowd at the Cafe de Paris in Midwinter
24. Midwinter Sun Bath on the Casino Terrace
25. The Extremity of the Monaco Rock
26. The Villa Albert, for Paying Patients, at the Monaco Hospital
27. George Augustus Sala at the Homburg Roulette
28. Croupiers at Monaco Watching for the Arrival of Players
29. Monte Carlo and Monaco from the Mentone Road
3. St. Devote
30. The First Casino at Monte Carlo : Northern Aspect in the Sixties
31. The Casino Up To 1878 : Southern Aspect, Facing the Sea
32. The Monte Carlo Casino : Ball and Concert Room before 1878
33. The Garnier Theatre: View from the Stage
34. East View of the Garnier Theatre
35. West View of the Garnier Theatre
36. The Garnier Theatre and the Terraces
37. Chronological Plan of the Casino
38. The Newest And Private Part of the Casino
39. The Nouvelle Salle, or Salle Empire
4. Letter from Oliver Cromwell
40. Gallell's Painting of Water
41. The Hydropathic Establishment
42. Dreams : A Ceiling by Galleli
43. The Condamine, Monaco Harbour and the Palace
44. The Salle Touzet
45. Monte Carlo from the West
46. Section of the Roulette : Constructor's Drawing
47. Photographic Copy of the Monaco Death-rate
48. The Indiarubber-tree's Example of Filial Duty [I]
49. The Indiarubber-tree's Example of Filial Duty [II]
5. Monaco in the Early Part of the Eighteenth Century
50. The Chamaerops martiana from the Himalayah
51. The Mexican Serpent Cactus Attacking an African Date-palm
52. The Monte Carlo Opera: A Scene from "Ivan The Terrible "
53. The Battle of Flowers
54. The Naval Battle of Flowers
55. The International Regattas
56. Rougier Starting for His Flight over the Mediterranean
57. Reception of the Queens of Beauty
58. The Golf Club
59. International Motor Boat Exhibition and Competition
6. Roquebrune
60. The Dog Show
61. Back Cover
7. An Old Street in Monte Carlo
8. Villa Colombe : Early Structures, about 1870, at Monte Carlo
9. Monaco Town and Rock

Publisher: London : Grant Richards Ltd., Philadelphia : J. B. Lipponcott Company




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Date Added: 2020-06-22

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