Laird & Lee's World's War Glimpses; Europe's colossal conflict graphically portrayed; superb colored and other half-tone views from actual photographs of battle scenes, troops, battleships, aeroplanes, cities, etc., and portraits of kings, emperors, etc


Date: 1914



No description available.

1. Front Cover
10. Germans Carrying Their Wounded Off the Field
100. Japanese Soldiers Digging Trenches
101. Back Cover
11. French Skirmishers Advancing for a Flank Attack
12. Austrian Huzzars on Seryian Frontier
13. Sky Spies Nearing French Ambush
14. Russian Sky Spies Watch Austrian Movements
15. A General View of Colmar
16. One of the Very Latest Photographs
17. A Foraging Squad
18. View of Paris, the French Capital
19. King, Queen, Queen Alexandria, Prince of Wales, Princess Mary, and Prince of Connaught
2. Title Page
20. The River Meuse
21. Imperial Guard Passing in Review Before Their Emperor
22. The Historic Town of Luneville
23. The "Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse"
24. The Undaunted Belgian Spirit
25. The French Battleship "Suffren"
26. Cruiser "Essex" of the British Navy
27. British Cruiser "Berwick" Off New York
28. French Bivouacked in Streets of Paris
29. German Cruiser "Dresden"
3. The Colors: Gold and Green Are the Fields in Peace, Red Are the Fields in War; Black Are the Fields When the Cannons Cease, and White for Evermore
30. War Lord of Germany
31. Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria
32. King George V, British Monarch
33. Czar Nicholas II of Russia
34. King Peter I of Servia
35. German Southwest African Colonial Uhlans Who Made a Raid Into British Territory
36. President Raymond Poincare of France
37. King Albert of Belgium
38. King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy
39. General Leman
4. Famous Scots Greys Win New Glories in France
40. War's Terrible Reality
41. A Company of the Mikado's Fighting Men on the Firing Line
42. German Battleships in the North Sea
43. French Reservists Leave for Their Fatherland
44. Germans Taking Care of Their Wounded
45. Admiral of the Fleet, Sir William Henry May
46. German Prince Oscar, With German Army
47. Youngest Son of German Emperor
48. Namur, Belgium, Scene of Great Battle
49. Countess Zia Lorley
5. East Indian Riflemen
50. General Von Lochnow
51. Great Britain's Modern Warriors of the Air
52. Koenigsberg, East Prussia
53. Red Cross Division of the German Army Preparing Food for the Wounded
54. Refugees Fleeing From Louvain
55. German Wireless Station at Tuckerton, N.J.
56. German Jack Tars Lowering Their Wounded Into the Hospital Between Decks
57. The German Bivouac After the Battle of Vise
58. After the Battle of Haelen
59. Sentinels of a Yorkshire Regiment
6. Infantrymen of Austrian Cadet Corps Ready to Repulse Cavalry Attack
60. The Pathetic Side of War
61. French Infantry Directing Gruelling Fire From Rapidly Dug Trenches
62. The Place De La Republique
63. English Royal Fusileers Ready for Action
64. General Baden Powell
65. Belgian Sisters and Wounded Germans to Whom They are Ministering
66. Death Dealing German Zeppelin Riding on the Water
67. French Lancer Receiving Much Needed Water From a Belgian Girl
68. A Detachment of African Fighters
69. Roland Garos, the Foremost of French Aviators
7. A Belgian Camp
70. Those Who Suffer While Their Men Folks Are Fighting
71. In the Canadian Mobilization Camp
72. Belgians Camping in a Church at Camptich
73. German Army Maneuvers
74. "Iron-Clad" on Wheels, Used in War
75. French Dirigible "Adjutant Reau"
76. Destroyed By the German Troops
77. American Refugees in Flight from the War Zone
78. Fortified Battlements at Ghent
79. The Great Rally of Motorcyclists
8. German Kaiser and Sons in Military Parade in Berlin
80. Beet Sugar Workers, in Germany
81. German Artillery in the Field
82. Scenes in Antwerp, the New Belgian Capital
83. Gutenburg Platz, in Strassburg, Alsace-Lorraine
84. On the Battlefield at Waterloo - The Hotel Du Musee on This Historic Battlefield
85. German Dirigible Flying Over the British Fleet
86. A View of the City of Mainz
87. Real War Scenes in Canada
88. Strongly Fortified Ancient Belgian Citadel
89. Canada's Crack 66th Ready for the Front
9. German-Americans on Way to Enlist
90. Ostend, Famous Belgian Watering Place
91. General Gallieni
92. Belgian "Guides" Off to the Front
93. Yoshihito, Mikado of Japan
94. First Photos of Damage Caused Bv Zeppelin Bomb Throwers in Antwerp
95. Eiffel Tower Searchlight
96. Vise, Devastated By the Germans
97. The "Elsass" of the German Navy
98. The Japanese in Action
99. Submarine U1 - German Navy

Publisher: Chicago, Laird & Lee, inc.




Library of Congress

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-09

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