Sir Richard Temple, 1st Baronet was an administrator in British India. He had a distinguished career over more than thirty years in India, eventually rising to become Governor of Bombay.

He was made resident at Hyderabad in April 1867, foreign secretary in the central government in January 1868, and financial member of council from April 1868 to April 1874. Temple achieved the distinction of governing Bombay-to which he was appointed in April 1877-as well as Bengal.

This account is from a series of separate journals about trips to Kashmir and Sikkim that span over twenty years. Covers of variety of topics, ranging from court intrigue in Hyderabad to journeys through the mountains of Sikkim. It is a very detailed record of travels in Northern India and Nepal at this time.

Contain a photographic portrait and specimen of the handwriting of Sir Salar Jung.

1st edition, 2 volumes. Vol 1: 314 pp; Vol 2: 303 pp. plus 47 pp. advertisements.

Illustrated with 7 maps (6 folding, some colored), 5 color chromolithographic plates, 2 folding panoramas, 6 other black and white plates, and 1 mounted Woodburytype portrait.


Yakushi T29a. Kuloy & Imaeda 10039. Handley p. 921.

Publisher: London : W. H. Allen & Co.




British Library


ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-05-15

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Map Name
Journals Kept in Hyderabad, Kashmir, Sikkim, and Nepal Vol. 2 - Map of Kashmir to Illustrate Routes (1887)
Journals Kept in Hyderabad, Kashmir, Sikkim, and Nepal Vol. 2 - Sketch Map Showing the Mountain and River Systems of Sikkim (1887)
Journals Kept in Hyderabad, Kashmir, Sikkim, and Nepal Vol. 2 - Sketch Map to Illustrate the Diaries in Nepal and Sikkim (1887)

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