Journal of a voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific : performed in the years, 1819-20, in His Majesty's ships Hecla and Griper, under the orders of William Edward Parry : with an appendix containing the scientific and other observations


Date: 1821



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1. Front Cover
10. Land to the Westward of Hope's Monument
11. Hope's Monument N. 10&176; W.
12. Cape Warrender, bearing N. 82 W.
13. Continuation of the North Shore of Sir James Lancaster's Sound, to the Eastward of C. Warrender
14. North Shore of Barrow's Strait, bearing North [I]
15. North Shore of Barrow's Strait, bearing North [II]
16. Burnet Inlet
17. Part of the Northern Coast of Barrow's Strait to Hobhouse Inlet
18. Continuation of Northern Coast of Barrow's Strait to the Eastward of Hobhouse Inlet
19. Cape Fellfoot
2. Title Page
20. Continuation of the Coast of Barrow's Strait to the Eastward of Cape Fellfoot
21. The Southernmost of Prince Leopold's Islands
22. The Northernmost of Prince Leopold's Islands, bearing N. 72 W.
23. Cape York bearing E. by N.
24. View off Port Bowen, Prince Regent's Inlet, bearing South
25. Chart of Port Bowen
26. Cape Hotham, bearing W. by S.
27. Caswall's Tower, bearing N. 36' 16 E. seen through Gascoyne's Inlet to Cape Ricketts
28. Peak on Bathurst Island
29. Cape Cockburn
3. Capt. Parry
30. Situation of the Hecla and Griper, September 20th, 1819
31. Cutting into Winter Harbour
32. Hecla and Griper in Winter Harbour
33. Situation of the Hecla and Griper, 17th to 23d of August, 1820
34. Musk-Ox
35. Chart of a Part of the Western Coast of Baffin's Bay
36. Esquimaux of the Inlet called the River Clyde
37. Chart of the River Clyde
38. Natural History Plate [I]
39. Natural History Plate [II]
4. General Polar Chart, shewing the Track, &c.
40. Natural History Plate [III]
41. Natural History Plate [IV]
42. Natural History Plate [V]
43. Natural History Plate [VI]
44. Back Cover
5. Situation of H. M. Ships Hecla and Griper, July 4th, 1819
6. Iceberg in Baffin's Bay, July, 1819 .
7. Chart of the Discoveries, &c., &c.
8. Cape Bathurst to Cape Byam Martin S. 11&176; E.
9. Possession Bay to Cape Fanshawe N. 86&176; W.

Publisher: London : John Murray



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