Journal of a second voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific : performed in the years 1821-22-23, in His Majesty's ships Fury and Hecla, under the orders of Captain William Edward Parry : illustrated by numerous plates


Date: 1824



"This work deals with the characteristics of the Eskimos and is a treatise on aboriginal life as well as a narrative of scientific discoveries."--Hill coll, p. 464. "Vocabulary of Esquimaux words and sentences": p. [559]-571. Also includes music (p. 542).

Illustrations by George Francis Lyon, Captain of the "Hecla"; engraved by Edward Finden


UC San Diego. Hill Coll., no. 1312

1. Front Cover
10. An Esquimaux watching a Seal
11. Manner of holding the line when a Walrus is struck
12. Esquimaux listening at a Seal-hole, &c.
13. An Esquimaux watching a Seal-hole
14. An Esquimaux creeping into the Passage of a Snow-hut
15. Esquimaux Chart, No. I.
16. Esquimaux Chart, No. II.
17. Arnaneelia, a native of Winter Island, 1822
18. Esquimaux Chart, No. III.
19. Fall of the Barrow
2. Title Page
20. Summer Tents of the Esquimaux. Igloolik, 1822
21. An Esquimaux of Igloolik, in a bird's-skin jacket, &c.
22. Sledges of the Esquimaux
23. Western outlet of the Strait of the Fury and Hecla
24. Esquimaux House built of ice
25. Takkeelikkeeta, an Esquimaux of Igloolik, 1823
26. Groupe of Esquimaux at Igloolik
27. Groupe of Esquimaux at Igloolik, 1823
28. Nakahu and his Wife Oomna
29. Esquimaux building a Snow-hut
3. Situation of His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla at Igloolik, 1822-23
30. Esquimaux killing Deer in a Lake
31. Esquimaux Children Dancing, Igloolik, 1823
32. Esquimaux Implements, Weapons, &c.(Fig. 1 to 12.)
33. Esquimaux Implements, Weapons, &c.(Fig. 13 to 27.)
34. General Chart, shewing the track of the Fury and Hecla, &c. &c.
35. Chart of the Northern Shore of Hudson's Strait, &c. &c.
36. Chart of the North-eastern Coast of America, &c. from Lat. 64 3/4° to 67° 40'.
37. Chart of the North-eastern Coast of America, &c. from Lat. 67° 40' to 70° 15'
38. Appearances of Lands, No. 1.
39. Appearances of Lands, No. 2.
4. Canoe of the Savage Islands, Hudson's Strait
40. Appearances of Lands, No. 3.
41. Appearances of Lands, No. 4.
42. Back Cover
5. Plan of Duke of York Bay
6. Plan of Hurd Channel
7. Cutting into Winter Island, October, 1821
8. Interior of an Esquimaux Snow-hut, Winter Island, 1822
9. Groupe of Esquimaux, 1822

Publisher: London : John Murray



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