[Atlas] Itineraire pittoresque du fleuve Hudson et des parties laterales de l'Amerique du Nord, d'apres les dessins originaux pris sur les lieux


Date: 1828



Jacques-Gerard Milbert was a French artist who came to the United States in 1815 and traveled extensively throughout the northeast before returning to France. During his stay Milbert sent many shipments of local flora and fauna to the Museum of Natural History in Paris. He also brought back the sketches from which these superb lithographs were made. Most of the views are of New York State, but included as well are New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. An attractive and important illustrated work.

An exceptional collection of plates from one of the most outstanding series of views of the American landscape ever produced, not normally seen hand-colored.

Three volume set: v. 1-2. Text. v. 3. Atlas.

Atlas consists of one folding map and 54 lithographed views of the Hudson River and surroundings. Lithographs by Adam, Bichebois, Deroy, and others.


Sabin 48916; Howes M592; Ray, French 110; Streeter II, 910; Bobins III 817. [Not in Abbey Travel]

1. Book Display
10. General View of the Military School West Point
11. Indian Brook in the residence of Captain Philips
12. Lower Falls near the residence of Mr. Montgomery
13. Town of Hudson
14. View of the Hudson and the Catskill Mountains
15. Albany - Capital of the State of New York
16. View in Albany House of the First Dutch Governors
17. Falls of Mount Ida, above the town of Troy
18. Falls of Cohoes, of the River Mohawk
19. Spot where General Burgoyne surrendered to General Gates
2. Title Page
20. Saratoga Springs
21. Falls of the Hudson at Sandy Hill
22. Course of the Hudson and the Mills near Sandy Hill
23. White Hall, Lake Champlain
24. Hudson Fall at village of Gleens
25. Saw Mill at the village of Gleens
26. Lake George and the village of Caldwell
27. Bridge on the Hudson River near Luzerne
28. Jessup's Landing
29. Extremity of Adley's Falls
3. View of New York from taken from Weahawk
30. Rapids on the Hudson at Adley's
31. General view of the Hudson at Adley's
32. Road and Bridge over the Mohawk
33. Commencement of the Falls of Canada Creek
34. Canada Creek Falls
35. Falls on the Flint River
36. Horse Shoe of Niagara from the Canada side
37. General view of Niagara from the Canada side
38. Niagara Falls from the American side
39. Falls in the Genesee Rivers
4. Pierpont's Distillery on Long Island
40. Deer Creek Falls
41. Military post, Sacketts Harbor
42. Mills on the Black River
43. Therasa Falls, Indian River
44. View of Boston and the south Boston Bridge
45. Danbucket Falls
46. North view of Providence
47. Passaic Falls
48. View on the Passaic River
49. Commencement of Lower Falls
5. Interior of New York, Provost Street and Chapel
50. Falls near Schooley's Springs
51. Schooley's Springs
52. Water works on the Schuylkill River
53. Machine for the portage on the Susquehanna
54. Foundery on Jone's Creek near Baltimore
55. View of the natural Bridge
56. Saw Mill near Luzerne, source of the Hudson
6. Tarry Town, whose Major Andre was captured
7. Sing-Sing or Mount Pleasant
8. Haverstraw or Warren Landing
9. West Point at the Moment of Exercise

Publisher: Paris, H. Gaugain et cie



ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-03-22

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Map Name
Itineraire Pittoresque du Fleuve Hudson Atlas - Carte pour servir a l'Iteneraire Pittoresque de Fleuve de Hudson (1828)

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