Homes of our Forefathers in Boston, Old England, and Boston, New England. From original drawings by E. Whitefield


Date: 1889



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1. Front Cover
10. Old Chantry Chapel
11. John Foxe's Birth Place
12. The Grammar School
13. Hussey Castle
14. Old Monastery
15. Ancient House, Archer Lane
16. Old Flemish House, Mitre Lane
17. The White Horse Inn
18. Old House on Church Street
19. Old House in Stanbow Lane
2. Title Page
20. Tomb of a Knight
21. Tomb of a Lady
22. Burton Corner House
23. The Old Jerusalem House
24. Heron's Hall
25. The Three Tuns Inn
26. Old State House
27. Sun Tavern as it was Originally
28. Sheafe House, Essex St.
29. Shirley House, Dorchester
3. St. Botolph's Church
30. Auchmuty House, Roxbury
31. Gardner House, Pleasant St., Dorchester
32. The Pierce House, Dorchester
33. Craft's House, Tremont St., near Brookline
34. The Warren House
35. The Curtis House
36. The Thoreau House
37. The Gray House
38. The Green Dragon Inn
39. The Province House
4. Shod Friars Hall
40. The Galloupe House, Hull St.
41. The Hancock Tavern, Corn Court
42. The Newman House
43. The Old Feather Store
44. The Tremere House, North Street
45. The Clough House, Margaret Street
46. The Paul Revere House, North Square
47. Edward Everett's Birthplace, Dorchester
48. The Black House, Dorchester
49. The Badger House, Prince Street
5. The Church Alms House
50. The Well's Mansion, Salem Street
51. The Faneuil
52. Old Corner Bookstore
53. Aspinwall House, Brookline
54. King's Chapel, Tremont
55. Kimball Parker House, Unity Street
56. Mather Eliot House, Hanover Street
57. Orange Lincoln House, Salem Street
58. The Harit House, Hull Street
59. Capen House, Union Street
6. Bridge Over the Witham
60. The Tileston House, Prince Street
61. The Ochtorlony House, North Street
62. Clough Vernon House, Vernon Court
63. The Old South Church
64. Christ Church, Salem Street
65. First Meeting House
66. Blackstone's House
67. Back Cover
7. Rev. John Cotton's Vicarage
8. Rochford Tower
9. The Guildhall

Publisher: Boston, Mass : Damrell & Upham




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