[Volume 1] History of the Indian Archipelago. Containing an account of the manners, arts, languages, religions, institutions, and commerce of its inhabitants


Date: 1820



A fascinating in-depth and highly reliable primary resource, this three-volume work offers insight into the peoples and cultures of the Indonesian islands, principally Java. It was written after Crawfurd's first stay at Pinang from 1808 to 1811 as a surgeon with the East India Company, and at Java from 1811-1817 as a senior political functionary and civil servant.

This book is described by DNB as a work of sterling value and great interest containing much about Java and the Philippines and their trade with China, Arabia & Europe, as well as the people and their language. Of particular note is the books discussion of the Indian islanders passion for opium, its manner of use and preparation, prices and quantity imported, the introduction of Turkish opium, a history of the opium trade, and the drugÕs pernicious effects.

Reference book; v.2, p.125-191; Vocabularies, incl. Macassan & Malay words which may be useful for comparative work.

3 vols, viii, 520; vi, 563, (1); vi, (2), 554 pp, 34 engraved plates engraved by Lizars, large folding map colored in outline


Cordier 1109. Goldsmith's Library 22742.

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Publisher: Edinburgh : A. Constable and Co.; [etc., etc.]




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