[Volume 2] Historical, Military, and Picturesque Observations on Portugal, illustrated by seventy-five coloured plates, including authentic plans of the sieges and battles fougth in the Peninsula during the late war / by George Landmann


Date: 1818



Originally published in 14 or perhaps 15 parts between 1813 and 1818, Landmann's views were the product of long service in the Pensinsular War. However, apart from one plate showing Sir Arthur Wellesley's headquarters in Vimeiro, they are of topographical rather than military interest, capturing the permanent characteristics of the Portuguese landscape remarkably well.

2 volumes, 2° (371 x 262mm). Half-titles. 76 plates, comprising 14 engraved maps, hand-colored in outline, 4 hand-colored aquatints showing tortures of the Inquisition, 2 hand-colored engraved plates of coins, and 56 hand-colored aquatint views after Landmann, including 11 double-page or folding, the majority by J.C. Stadler.

2 vol. (XIV, 607 p.) (XVI, 203 p.) : il., grav. color. ; 39 cm


Abbey Travel 140; Tooley 291. (2)

1. Title Page
10. Aljustrel, from the East, Alemtejo
11. Albofeira, from the road leading to Faro: Algarve
12. Albofeira and Sea Coast, from the East Algrave
13. Entrance of the Harbour of Portimao, Algarve
14. Villa Nova de Portimao Algarve
15. Silves, the ancient Capital of Algarve
16. Silves, the ancient Capital of Algarve, from the East
17. Hot Baths, in the Mountains of Monchique, Algarve
18. Monchique near Cape San Vicente Algarve
19. Opomar Velho, in the mountain of Monchique, Algarve
2. Torre Velha de Belem, from the West Estramadura
20. Sea-Coast near Lagos, and the Battery called O Pinhao Algarve
21. Bay and Harbour of Lagos, from O Pinhao Algarve
22. Lagos Bridge, Algarve
23. Aljezur from the South Algarve
24. Villa-Nova de Mil Fontes, Alemtejo
25. Arroyoles; Anciently called Calentica Alemtejo
26. Estremoz, from the Road leading to Elvas, Alemtejo
27. Cintra from the Liboa-road Estramadura
28. Convent near Cintra on the Highest pinnacle of the Rock of Lisboa Estramadura
29. Convent on the highest part of the Rock of Lisboa Estramadura
3. Palmella, from the road leading to Moita: Estramadura
30. Cintra, from the Road leading to Mafra; Estramadura
31. Royal Palace of Mafra, Estramadura
32. Punhete, at the junction of the River Zerere with the Tejo: Estramadura
33. From the Castle at Abrantes, anciently called Tubuci: Estremadura
34. Bridge & Ford on the River Niza, on the road from Villa Velha to Niza Alentejo
35. Flying Bridge on the Tejo, at Villa-Velha
36. Ford on the River Sever, between Montalvao in Portugal, and Herrera in Spain: Alentejo
37. Pass in the mountains near Ladeira: Beira
38. View up the Tejo
39. Lisboa or Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal
4. Town and Harbour of Setubal
40. Mouth of the Tejo
41. Torres-Vedras from the North: Estremadura
42. Sir Arthur Wellesley's Quarters, Vimieiro, 21st & 22nd Aug 1808 Estremadura
43. Vimieiro from near the road leading to Lorinha Estramadura
44. Leiria, anciently called Collipo: Estremadura
45. Pombal and Bridge, from the South-west Estremadura
46. City of Coimbra, anciently called Conimbra, from near the Bridge Beira
47. City of Coimbra, anciently called Conimbra, from the South: Beira
48. Bridge of Boats at Porto, on the River Douro
49. Penafiel de Lousa from the East Entre Douro e Minho
5. Alcacer Sal, anciently called Salacia; from the North Estramadura
50. Amarante on the RiverTamega: Entre Douro-e-Minho
51. Amarante and Bridge, from the Convent of San Domingo: Entre Douro-e-Minho
52. Ponte de Lima, anciently called Forum Limicorum Entre Douro-e-Minho
53. Fountain opposite the Inn at Ponte de Lima, Entre Douro-e-Minho
54. Valenca do Minho: Entre Douro-e-Minho
55. City of Tuy on the Mino; Galicia
56. Head of the Bay of Vigo between Puente San Payo and Ponte Vedra, Galicia
57. Near San Payo, on the road to Redondela, looking towards Vigo
6. Alcacer Sal, anciently called Salacia or Urbs Imperatoria; from the East, Estramadura
7. Scene on the River Oeiras, at Mertolla, anciently called Mirtiles Julia
8. Mertola; from the North
9. Faro, the Capital of the Algarve

Publisher: London : printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-24

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