A scarce set of views. Anburey, of the Bengal Engineers, made sketches whilst surveying a route in 1792 and 1793. His party started from Seringapatam, journeying through Mysore and continuing northwards into the Cuddapah district. here they moved through the Gundecotta Pass, a deep gorge of the Penner River, and on to Bundelkhand before reaching Kolpi on the Jumna.

Guandacotta was the centre of the triangle formed by Banaganapill, Anantapur and Caddapah Gandikota, or Gorgefort, believe founded in 1123 AD. In 1819, at the end of the 3rd Mahattra War, the Bengal Sappers and Miners were raised at Allahabad by Capt. Thomas Anburey. Their first combat experience was at Bhuratapore in 1825, winning their first battle honours in 1826. "By October 1793, Anburey has decided to publish a selection of his sketches.

The Calcutta Gazette announced a list of subjects and invited subscriptions. In 1799 the book was published by Anburey himself in London. The set contains four views of the Gundecotta Pass, the Fort of Golconda near Hyderabad and Kalpi. One of the several scenes of Hyderabad shows the Musi River, the City walls along its banks. The picturesque qualities of the prints with delicate shades of watercolour, convey nothing of the rigours as experienced by the army during its long march" (Godrej & Rohatgi).

First edition. Large folio, 12 hand colored aquatint plates by Francis Jukes, after sketches by Anburey.


Godrej & Rohatij Scenic Splendours, p.147; Bobins 1102.

Publisher: London: The Author, [1798-99]




British Library


ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-31

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