Greece painted by John Fulleylove, R.I., Described by the Rev. J. A. M'Clymont, M.A., D.D.


Date: 1906



No description available.

1. Front Cover
10. Delphi. The Castalian Gorge and Spring
11. Delphi. The Portico of the Athenians
12. The Ancient Quarries on Mount Pentelikon
13. Olympia. The base of the Kronos Hill with the remain of the Temple of Hera and the Philippeion
14. Olympia. The Palaestra and remains of the Temple of Zeus
15. The Temple of Hera at Olympia
16. The Bastion and Temple of Wingless Victory viewed from the ascent to the Propylsa
17. Colossal Head of Despoina
18. The Temple of Apollo at Bassa; in Arcadia, with distant view of Mount Ithome
19. Site of Megalopolis in Arcadia
2. Title Page
20. Megalopolis in Arcadia
21. Andritsaena. The resting-place for the Temple of Apollo at Bassae
22. The Castle of Karytsna in Arcadia
23. Interior of the Temple of Apollo at Bassse in Arcadia
24. The Laconian Gate of Messene
25. Kalamata on the Gulf of Messene
26. Mount Ithome from the Stadion of Messene
27. Triple Bridge over the Mavrozoumenos River
28. Sparta and Mount Taygetus
29. Mistra, near Sparta
3. The Parthenon from the Propylsea
30. Mistra and the Valley of the Eurotas
31. Argos and Larissa
32. The Acropolis of Mycens from South-West, with Mount Elias
33. Mycenae, showing the site of the famous discoveries of Schliemann
34. Tiryns. The Gate of the Upper Castle
35. Nauplia and Tiryns from the Road to Argos
36. The Theatre of Epidaurus
37. The Temple at Corinth
38. The Temple of Athena at Sunium from the North
39. Off Cape Matapan
4. The Acropolis from the Site of the Temple of Olympian Zeus
40. The Western End of the Acropolis seen from below the Pnyx
41. The Temple of Theseus from the South-West
42. The Temple of Theseus from the North-West
43. The Areopagus and the Theseum
44. The Battle-Field of Marathon from Mount Pentelikon
45. The Seaward End of the Plain of Attica looking towards Salamis
46. The Temple of Athena on the Island of Aegina
47. Vista of the Northern Peristyle of the Parthenon looking westward
48. The Western Portico of the Parthenon from the South
49. The Acropolis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus from the Hill Ardettos
5. Corfu. The Old Fort from the West
50. The Parthenon from the Northern End of the Eastern Portico of the Propylasa
51. Mount Pentelikon and Lycabettos from the North-Eastern Angle of the Parthenon
52. The Propylsea from the Northern Edge of the Platform of the Parthenon
53. The Southern side of the Ercchtheum, with the foundations of the earlier Temple of Athena Polias
54. The Caryatid Portico of the Erechtheum from the West
55. The Northern Portico of the Erechtheum
56. The Eastern Portico of the Erechtheum viewed from the Northern Peristyle of the Parthenon
57. The Dipylon at Athens
58. The Street of Tombs outside the Dipylon at Athens
59. Athens from the Road to Eleusis
6. Corfu. The Old Fort from the South
60. Convent of Daphni
61. Sacred Way from Athens to Eleusis, looking towards Salamis
62. The Great Temple of the Mysteries, Eleusis
63. The Hall of the Great Temple of the Mysteries, Eleusis
64. The Acropolis from the base of the Philopappus Hill
65. The lower part of the Auditorium of the Theatre of Dionysos at Athens
66. The Cavern Chapel on the South Side of the Acropolis
67. The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates
68. The Pnyx ; or Place of Assembly of the People
69. The Acropolis with Kallirrhoe in the Foreground
7. The Temple of Athena at Sunium
70. Athens. The Monument of Agrippa and the Pinacotheca
71. The Tower of the Winds
72. The Portico of Athena Archegetis
73. The Stoa of Hadrian
74. The Arch of Hadrian
75. Columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus from the North-West
76. The Square in front of the King's Palace at Athens
77. The Stadion at Athens
78. Sketch Map of Greece
79. Back Cover
8. Sunset from the North-Eastern Corner of the Acropolis
9. Delphi from Itea

Publisher: London : A. and C. Black




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-09-05

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