French scenery : from drawings made in 1819


Date: 1822



Engravings by Charles Askey, Charles Heath, Edward Finden, Edward Goodall, Robert Wallis, Samuel Lacey, Charles Westwood, Edward John Roberts, J. Lacy, S. Porter, Samuel Mitan, John Rolfe, George James Corbould, J. C. Edwards, Henry Le Keux, and Edward Blore; after Robert Batty

. Front Cover
. Title Page
. Dedication
. Dieppe
. Harbour of Dieppe
. Rouen, from Mont Ste. Catherine
. Rouen, from La Haute Vieille Tour
. Rouen Cathedral
. St. Germain-en-laye
. Chateau of St. Germain
. Banks of the Seine at Malmaison
. Barrière de Neuilly
. Place de Louis Xv
. Paris, from Montmartre
. Boulevard des Italiens
. Place Vendome, and Column of Austerlitz
. Palais Royal
. Halle Au Blé
. Marché des Innocens
. Porte St. Denis
. St. Denis
. Paris, from the Butte de Chaumont
. View in the Cemetery of Pere la Chaise
. Hôtel de Ville
. Triumphal Column on the Place du Chatelet
. Pont Notre Dame
. Isle du Palais, and Notre Dame
. Notre Dame
. Paris, from the Observatory
. Palace of the Luxembourg
. The Pantheon, or New Church of St. Genevieve
. Church of St. Sulpice
. Pont de Jena
. Hôtel des invalides
. Plan of the Church of the Hotel des Invalides
. Palace of the Chamber of Deputies
. Interior of the Chamber of Deputies
. Plan of the Palace of the Deputies
. Pont de Louis XVI
. Palace of the Tuileries
. Pont Royal, and Palace of the Tuileries
. Pont Neuf, and Hotel de La Monnaie
. The Louvre, from the Pont Neuf
. Plan of the Palaces of the Tuileries and Louvre
. Colonnade of the Louvre
. Court of the Louvre
. Interior of the Gallery of the Louvre
. Bridge of the Louvre
. Paris, from the Heights near the Barrière de Passy
. Sevres
. Palace of St. Cloud
. Fountain at St. Cloud
. View from Montretout at St. Cloud
. Palace of Versailles
. Temple of Love in the Gardens of Trianon
. Auxerre
. Lyons
. Lyons, from the Pont de Pierre
. Strasbourg
. Plan of the Cathedral of Strasbourg
. Bordeaux, from Lormont
. Banks of the Garonne at Lormont
. Amiens Cathedral
. Abbeville, Rue Du Puit-à-la-chaine
. Abbeville, View in the Marche Aux Fleurs
. Church and Place of St. Nicholas at Boulogne-sur-mer
. Calais
. Calais Harbour ; Vignette
. Back Cover

Publisher: London : Published by Rodwell & Martin, New Bond Street




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